An Ode to Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour Tank Tops

olivia rodrigo sold out guts world tour new york at madison square garden
An Ode to Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour Tank TopsKevin Mazur - Getty Images
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On the first of four sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden, Olivia Rodrigo came marching out to perform “Get Him Back” with a bullhorn-shaped microphone in hand and wearing a screen-printed white ribbed tank that read: “Carrie Bradshaw AF.”

Of course, Rodrigo didn’t exactly grow up with the Sex and the City generation. In fact, the Grammy-winning pop hit machine celebrated her first birthday a mere two days before the HBO series’ final episode aired. But it seems that in early adulthood, she has found comfort in the hilarious, brash, and often messy lives of its four protagonists. (Oh, and like this author, Rodrigo identifies as a Carrie.)

So what better way to share that than with a personalized top that serves as a billboard for the thousands of fans who’ve been packing stadiums across the country to see her (as well as the countless more viewing clips online)? As a way to reference her favorite pieces of pop culture and project jokes and more to the audience, Rodrigo’s tank tops have become one of the most winning aspects of her Guts World Tour.

As with the SATC tank she wore for her Big Apple audience, the singer has used her tops to spotlight culture from the turn of the millennium, a time period that has interested her since the beginning of her career. Longtime fans will recall when Rodrigo celebrated the 2021 release of her debut album, Sour, with a live, prom-themed set on YouTube, and the promotional art winked to the cover of Hole’s Live Through This. Then there was the “Good 4 U” video, for which Rodrigo donned a cheerleading uniform identical to Mandy Moore’s from The Princess Diaries (2001).

As the Guts tour rages on, such nods have only become been more plentiful and expansive, encompassing everything from TLC’s “No Scrubs” to the Beatles’ “I’m Down.” At her first show in Palm Springs, the Disney alum rocked a tank that said, “I’m Just a Girl,” in homage to No Doubt’s 1995 hit debut single. Fittingly, a little over a month later, the pop star took a break from her tour to join No Doubt onstage at Coachella, where she wore another tank—one bedazzled with “I ❤️ ND.”

2024 coachella valley music and arts festival weekend 1 day 2
John Shearer - Getty Images

With these winks, it doesn’t feel like the “Vampire” artist is simply trying to appeal to the generations before her (and they don’t reek of “born in the wrong era” Tumblrcore either). Instead, the nods speak to the genuine approach Rodrigo takes to making her music. Throughout her shows, she has brought out ’90s–’00s stars like Jewel and Sheryl Crow, arguably surprising guests for a singer of her age, whose fan base pools in the tween-to-teen age bracket. But an obvious thread connects the work of these icons and the new hitmaker: Rodrigo simply wants to extend her appreciation to the greats who’ve inspired her confessional songwriting, and her tank tops have become her newest outlet for doing so.

At the same time, the tanks also perfectly capture Rodrigo’s cheeky sense of humor. Tracks like “All-American Bitch” and “Bad Idea Right?” explore themes of feminism and sexuality with dry humor and impressive depth. Onstage, she’s brought this same sauciness to her tanks.

At one performance, “Ne pas toucher” was splashed across Rodrigo’s chest. (That’s French for “Do not touch.”) At another, her shirt said: “I kiss better than I cook.” With plenty of songs about disappointing men in her discography, Rodrigo obviously knows what it’s like to date a dud, and one of her tops—hearkening back to Britney Spears’s memorable ’02 baby tee—simply instructed her fans to “Dump him.”

Even Rodrigo’s friends have been getting in on the fun, like fellow singer and Gen Z star Conan Gray, who featured on the star’s Instagram in a tank that said: “U call urself a Livie? Name 10 Olivia Rodriguez songs …” (a reference to this viral TikTok).

I honestly can’t think of a better garment to become the Rodrigo staple than the tank top—at least for right now. It’s understated, playful, and reliable. Like her discography, Rodrigo’s style isn’t afraid to embrace her youth and her passions. With a fusion of Clueless schoolgirl prep and early-’00s Avril Lavigne punk, the singer-songwriter dresses like an actual 21-year-old—a stylish one who wears vintage Versace on the red carpet, mind you, but still, one who knows who she is and what she wants. Only time will tell how Rodrigo’s style continues to evolve with her career. For now, as the tank declares: She’s just a girl.

olivia rodrigo guts world tour at acrisure arena
Christopher Polk - Getty Images

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