Odd 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle has fans of rapper Yung Joc confused

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The worlds of rapper Yung Joc and Wheel of Fortune collided on Monday, when WoF contestant Kennise Miller — with nearly $30,000 in prize money and a trip to Maui already in her pocket — faced a Bonus Round puzzle under the category of “person.”

With only two of the nine letters showing on the board, even an impressive player like Kennise couldn’t come up with a single guess for the answer, which was “Young Jock.”

But that’s when things exploded on Twitter, with many viewers assuming that the show meant for the puzzle to be the name of popular rapper Yung Joc, best known for his 2006 hit single "It's Goin' Down." With some blaming the show’s research department, and saying that Kennise deserves another shot.

Even those who didn’t think it was a reference to the rapper still took issue with the puzzle, wondering how “Young Jock” qualifies as a “person.”

And while the mystery may continue on social media, we do know that Kennise, who is a licensed nail technician from Chicago, played a great game and has plenty of reasons to celebrate, with $28,200 and a Hawaiian vacation coming her way.

We think Yung Joc and young jocks would approve.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights, check your local listings.

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