Octopus Snatches and Devours Smaller Octopus in Port Phillip Bay

A scuba diver observed a Maori octopus hunting down and eating a sand octopus, captured in footage taken off the coast of Rye Pier in Victoria, Australia, on April 4.

In the video, the Maori octopus is seen slowly approaching the smaller octopus before it snaps out its arms and snatches the sand octopus as it attempts to swim away.

According to the Derwent Estuary, the Maori octopus, the largest octopus species found in southern Australia, is known to attack and eat other octopuses.

Derek Upward, the diver who captured the mollusk-on-mollusk violence, has shared numerous videos of octopuses and other marine creatures to his YouTube channel. Credit: Derek Upward via Storyful