Coveted computer part used by PC gamers rumored to make major comeback

Nvidia could be prepping the GTX 1080 Ti for a re-release for 2021.

This is perhaps the worst time ever to be building a gaming PC. Between scalpers, a pandemic and an overwhelming demand for complex electronics, finding high-end gaming parts has been expensive and difficult.

To that end, Nvidia might be reproducing one of its past products. Rumors suggest that the company could be putting the 1080 Ti back into production, as reported by PC Gamer.

Nvidia’s latest family of video cards, the GeForce RTX 30 series, has been notoriously short in stock. There have been entire Twitter accounts, Twitch streamers and Discord channels dedicated to tracking retailers refreshing their Nvidia inventory.

Months ago, desperate gamers began buying up video cards and parts from the previous generation to build their gaming PCs. Now cards like the 1080 Ti, which originally debuted in March 2017, are being sold for even higher than what it cost on release — for good reason.

Despite its age, the 1080 Ti is still one of the best performance-for-cost video cards on the market.

Unfortunately, with stock so low everywhere, that reputation is rapidly changing. If the rumors are true, it would be a good pivot from Nvidia. People want these older video cards and if fabrication plants have the bandwidth to make more of them, then why not?

However, this is also assuming that the superconductor manufacturers that produce the complex parts needed to make items such as video cards and game consoles will be able to take on the extra work.

Taiwan is currently suffering from a drought which could seriously hamper the number of electronics goods worldwide. The country is home to TSMC, one of the biggest microchip manufacturers on the planet. Microchip manufacturing is a very complicated process that also needs lots and lots of water.

For all of those hoping to build a gaming PC, godspeed. It may not be the PC of your dreams but there’s still hope yet.

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