There’s Now 4 Women Named Alexandra on ‘Selling the OC’: A Guide to Rose, Jarvis, Hall and Harper

The Alexandras are fighting — and Us is here to break it all down.

Season 2 of Selling the OC, which started streaming on Netflix Friday, September 8, introduced viewers to a fourth woman named "Alexandra": Alexandra "Ali" Harper. She joins returning cast members Alexandra Rose, Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra "Alex" Hall, prompting the Oppenheim Group agents to refer to the office as "the land of the Alexandras" (a missed opportunity to simply call their headquarters Alexandria).

As Harper quickly bonds with Jarvis — the two women often discuss their affinity for Jesus, the South and being called "honey" — Jarvis' relationship with one-time door-knocking BFF Rose fell apart in between seasons 1 and 2.

"[Rose] thinks we're frolicking through the fields and sending each other Hello Kitty cards. But in reality, we are not. We're not close friends," Jarvis declared during season 2. "I'm trying to keep things professional and that's it."

After exchanging digs about Rose being "unprofessional" with clients and rumors about Jarvis' then-fiancé throughout the season, Rose and Jarvis have a blowout fight in the season 2 finale — and haven't made amends as the cameras continued to roll into season 3.

"That relationship doesn't exist," Rose told Us Weekly in August 2023. "We're not friends and we're not on talking terms."

Selling the OC is currently streaming on Netflix. Keep reading for a complete guide to the Alexandras — including Hall's role in the mix.