November Full Blood Moon Eclipse: A Tarot Reading for Your Zodiac Sign

November 8 brings a full blood moon and total lunar eclipse -- all on election day.

The full moon lands in Taurus, a typically dependable and hard-working sign. Facing the double power of these high-octane cosmic events will undoubtedly shake your foundation, leaving you reaching for the guard rails. November's lunar eclipse marks the third one that's occurred in the earth sign, resulting in the bull and Scorpio's years-long dance as the eclipses will have a lasting impact until October 2023.

The combined energy of la luna at her fullest state and a total lunar eclipse will have you feeling anxious and on edge as the moon enters the Earth's shadow, positioning our watery planet right between itself and the sun. This allows us to see a bit of our dusty rock's shadow reflected onto the moon, creating a beautiful rusty red glow on the celestial body. Because full moons represent the culmination of a chapter in your life, coupled with the moodiness of the eclipse, hunkering down may be the best option as emotions will be at an all-time high -- after you vote, of course. A full moon is a perfect time to sit with yourself and dig deep to determine how you want to show up going forward.

While the crater-filled planet is taking up space in Taurus, it is still Scorpio season. The angsty water sign is ruled by action-taking Mars and pensive Pluto, while Taurus finds itself led by loving Venus. This planetary threesome should inspire you to slow down enough to discover what's lying behind the surface and make plans to change the things that are no longer serving you, but make sure you do so with grace and kindness.

Continue reading to find your November 2022 full blood moon horoscope and tarot card.


Falling in your second house of money, self-esteem and value, the night of the full moon is an opportune time to take stock of not only your material possessions but the intangible things that hold a great amount of weight to you. Whether it be your friendships, your sense of peace or your dog -- reflect on the areas of your life that carry meaning. The wheel of fortune tarot card clears the path as it encourages you to stay positive and trust that things will work out.


The moon shines a light right in your first house of self, giving you full permission to focus solely on yourself for the evening. A full moon and eclipse in your sign are giving you all the cosmic ammo you need to fully examine the state of your life. If you're not being authentic and true to yourself, the full moon will pull it out of the dark and bring it into the light until you deal with it. It's okay to take this opportunity to reinvent yourself. Seven of pentacles promises that if you put in the work, lasting rewards will be yours in the future.


Your 12th house of subconscious comes into full view as the moon This may sound intimidating as the full moon and lunar eclipse duo is bringing all of the feelings you tried to suppress to the surface -- and that's a good thing. Use November 8 as an invitation to let out all of your pent-up emotions, so that you can move forward feeling lighter, only carrying what feels right for you. A reversed Tower tarot card recognizes that you're going through a bit right now -- don't fret. The upheaval and changes you're feeling are not a product of your external circumstances as your transformation is internal.


Sitting in your 11th house of networking, the full moon gives you a chance to flex your communication skills and reach out to your close pals. Choose carefully who you open your heart to as the cosmic terrain will muddy up lines of conversation. The nine of pentacles tarot card depicts a confident, successful and independent woman, so use that image as inspiration to take charge and move boldly into future interactions.


The full moon falls in your 10th house of career, giving you a kick start before the new year to make sure you are in your bag and cashing checks. Feel free to brainstorm ways you could better improve your relationship to work if your professional life has been looking a bit lackluster. Your tarot card for the full moon and lunar eclipse is the ever-bright Sun, giving you an extra boost of luck.


November's full blood moon is positioned in your ninth house of travel and philosophy, encouraging you to expand both your physical and mental horizons. If you haven't planned a fall getaway, this is your sign to pack your bags. A reversed five of swords tarot indicates that you're ready to move forward after a rocky episode.


Lying in your eighth house of intimacy and investments, the full moon is asking you to look at where you may be holding back in terms of vulnerability. Being open and honest is a surefire way of strengthening and investing in your relationships, but as the nine of swords tarot card affects your zodiac sign, you may be feeling nervous about getting closer to others, but rest assured -- the risk will be worth the reward.


Your seventh house of partnerships is your area of focus for the full blood moon eclipse, so be on the lookout for any sudden changes in your interpersonal relationships. It may not be a dramatic event, but with the dual power of the full moon and total lunar eclipse, it's best to play it on the safe side as the next few weeks may present shifts in your inner circle. Fittingly, the three of cups tarot card depicts three women dancing and singing in a circle, reminding you to keep those who truly fill your cup, closest to you.


The full moon rests in your sixth house of daily routine, reminding you that it's your habits that lay the foundation for success. Take the night of the total lunar eclipse off and brainstorm small activities you could incorporate into everyday life that brings you joy, while helping you improve. The three of wands tarot card also delivers a bit of extra motivation as it encourages you to broaden your perspective and step out of your comfort zone.


Pleasure and creativity are at the forefront of your mind as November's full moon is in your fifth house. While you're usually very buttoned up during office hours, indulge in some restorative self-care on the eighth. The seven of swords tarot card traditionally points to betrayal or deception, so think about the ways that you may have been lying to yourself for the sake of achieving an end goal. Putting your feelings on the back burner is never a wise idea.


The full moon is in your fourth house of domesticity, so feel free to give your space a good scrubbing as a clean environment sets the perfect tone for a shift in the moon's phases. The chariot tarot card symbolizes the will and determination to overcome obstacles, so if there are any roadblocks in your way that are preventing you from feeling as safe and as comfortable as you would at home, carve out some time to ponder how you can make your load lighter.


November's full blood moon eclipse is in your third house of communication, urging you to reflect on where you feel the most heard and with whom. The nature of full moons and lunar eclipses is to pull us into the darkness to examine any sore spots, so in order to fully utilize your voice and communicate clearly, reflect on any situations that left you feeling misunderstood. The six of wands tarot card gives you a much-needed pat on the back to venture forward.