Not ready for marriage? MTV's 'Are You the One?' could be the dating show for you

As The Bachelor enters into its 22nd season with this week’s “Countdown to Arie” episode, fans at home pretty much know what to expect when they meet the singles bunch: potential podcasters, Fit Tea peddlers, and SugarBearHair advocates. There’s also that slim-but-hopeful chance that viewers will eventually see a starry-eyed contestant tie the knot. But if we’re being honest, a break-up is usually looming.

With all this contracted possibility, you might be wondering why a single-and-looking young person would consider signing on to MTV’s Are You the One? versus The Bachelor. Season 6’s Michael Dean and Audrey Diaz from the series stopped by The Morning Breath on Thursday to explain why MTV won their hearts over ABC.

“I don’t think I could ever do The Bachelor because I’m so not ready [for] marriage,” Diaz explained to hosts Jackie and Claudia Oshry. Diaz’s former fling, Dean, added, “On Are You The One?, you build a lot of friendships as well because not just with the guys, but with a lot of the girls I built really good friendships.”

In addition to The Bachelor’s commitment issues, it turns out that some women just aren’t into broadcasting a girl fight. “I also can literally not handle all these girls around that one man. I would get so jealous. I would go crazy,” admits Diaz.