Not a joke: Lindsay Lohan turns multiple arrests into spokesperson gig for

Lindsay Lohan understands the urgent need for a lawyer, thanks to her multiple arrests over the years. Now has hired her to be its spokesperson and has released several hilarious ads poking fun at Lohan’s legal history.

“When first reached out to me,” the actress jokes in one, “I was confused and a little scared, because I thought I was in trouble.”

The Mean Girls star also pretends to lose count of the number of DUI arrests she racked up during her partying days in Hollywood. (For the record, it’s two, not counting the additional arrests stemming from probation violations, jewelry theft, and more drama.)

As a result of the company’s unexpected choice, company CEO Gerald Gorman tells Yahoo Entertainment that the company — which proclaims itself “the internet’s most advanced lawyer matching service” — has received more attention than ever.

“In our nearly 10-year history, we’ve never had this flurry of interest in the company,” Gorman says. “It’s quite amazing. Just from friends and family, who knew they were following Lindsay? Just calling and texting has been going nuts, ignoring all the press.”

Gorman says Lohan’s 12-month stint as the company spokesperson began in January.

“We ended up with a list of about 100 candidates, and Lindsay was at the top of our list for a variety of reasons,” Gorman says. “One, she’s been involved with lawyers since age 3; she does understand the stress of legal situations; she’s got an amazing global following; and she’s very talented. So we were very excited to be able to connect with her.”

Her involvement in the company goes beyond simply reading scripted words into the camera.

Lohan’s role also consists of acting as a “marketing and brand advisor” to the company. “Each month she meets and brainstorms with management on new strategies to raise’s awareness including producing compelling content, connecting to media leaders, and launching fun videos and commentaries to her 20 million social followers,” the website says.

Gorman adds that Lohan has been a delight.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Lindsay,” he says. “Actually, she’s become a great team member. She writes her own cue cards, she takes pages of notes, she’s a big contributor on strategy, and has become a great team member.”

That’s right, folks, Lohan was perfectly fine with the tongue-in-cheek spots.

“She’s very involved. She writes half of the content,” Gorman says. “She sits in on all the strategy sessions as we figure out how to get the message out. She’s introduced us to world-class experts that are helping us with more creative ideas and doing high-quality work. She’s very involved. And I think she genuinely likes to help people — she knows how hard it is to get lawyers, to get the right lawyer — so I think because she sees us as helping people, that really strikes a chord with her.”

The Parent Trap star is set to appear in new ads for the company each month.

Lohan has used the website more than once, he adds. That would have been easy to do in the stretch between her first arrest in May 2007 through May 2015, when she officially completed probation for a 2007 car crash.

In the last three years, Lohan has split her time between Dubai and London working on equally interesting projects. She opened her own Lohan Nightclub in Athens, launched her own lifestyle website, and is designing her own island — with a nightclub — in Dubai. She’s also still acting, appearing on the 2017 British comedy Sick Note.

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