North West Reveals She Wants to Be a Rapper And More In Telling First Interview

Photo: Pierre Suu / Contributor (Getty Images)
Photo: Pierre Suu / Contributor (Getty Images)
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The eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West, just had her first solo magazine interview, and she’s got a lot to say.

The ten-year-old has been seen the most on TikTok lately, dancing alongside her mother, and friends. North has become a pop culture icon, with her unique style and witty humor. In the brief interview, you can see just how “normal” (if you can even use that word to describe a Kardashian-West) she is.

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She’s an artist in training

Over the years Kim has posted North’s paintings which some people were skeptical of, given that they were a bit too good. However, North talked about that same day of the interview attending an art class but couldn’t say what she was working on, “it’s a secret for my mom’s birthday. Last week I finished a landscape and a sunset and I made a little circle thing.” She also described that painting helicopters is “so hard”. Why she’s painting a helicopter? We may never know why.

Her other hobbies

Unlike her brother Saint who is obsessed with soccer (if you’ve watched The Kardashians then you’ve seen the epic European soccer tour Kim took Saint on), North is a basketball fan saying that it’s more of a lifestyle than just a hobby. One of her favorite memories was when she first played the sport, “I was so bad. So I know those memories and I’m like, ‘Ooh, now I’m so good’, I got so much better.” She also enjoys shopping, hence her impeccable wardrobe.


How she sees her future

North currently has her mind set on becoming a basketball player and a rapper whilst doing art on the side! An interesting thing she says is that when she’s 13 she wants to walk dogs to make her own money for art supplies saying, “Everything around here is so expensive.” At least we know that the daughter of billionaires understands a little bit about the value of a dollar! She also adorably wants to be a business owner just like her parents who are the CEOs of SKIMS and Yeezy.

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