Norm Macdonald Corrects James Corden's Grammar, Upstages Lea Michele

Forget the post-debate debating, and forget “Carpool Karaoke.” I just caught up with last night’s Late Late Show With James Corden, and Norm Macdonald, out promoting his new memoir, Based on a True Story, managed both to upstage the always-camera-eager Lea Michele and tease host Corden on his word choice. Oh, and Macdonald also worked in a reference to Vladimir Nabokov while calling Rob Lowe “a hot piece of a**.”

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. Watch this snippet to see how Macdonald works his talk-show mastery. It begins with Corden’s setting up Michele to talk about her recent 30th birthday, spent at Disneyland. But, very quickly, Macdonald slips in to tell a story about seeing Mickey Mouse — “who’s a big celebrity at Disneyland,” Norm explains — and Mickey’s interaction with a small child. When he’s finished, Corden describes Mickey has being nonplussed. Macdonald says, “He was not nonplussed — he was unaffected. Nonplussed means bewildered.”

From a less funny man, this would have seemed pedantic; from Norm, it was sneakily wonderful. (May I also add, Corden laughed appreciatively upon being corrected while Michele looked as though she’d missed something.) I wish I could show you the chunk of the interview in which Macdonald cites Nabokov as a literary influence and makes that startling remark about Rob Lowe’s allure, but CBS hasn’t yet made it available. Let me put it this way: By the time Norm got through with yet another story about seeing Michele’s Scream Queens co-star on Broadway, Michele just turned to Corden and said, “My story will not be funny now. Let’s just move on.” So great.

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