Noelle Robinson Is Moving Into Her "Dream Apartment"

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Noelle Robinson has recently been renting a gorgeous Los Angeles apartment with stunning views. But now, The Real Housewives of Atlanta daughter is ready to move on to another incredible home.

In a recent Instagram Story video, Noelle opened her new refrigerator to show her "first housewarming gifts," a bottle of La Marca Prosecco, a bottle of Luc Belaire Luxe sparkling rosé, two champagne glasses, and two bottles of Fiji water. "When I got the keys today, they left this inside," Noelle explained. "So cute."

"Literally just got the keys to my dream apartment," she added in the caption of another Story. "If [y'all] only knew what it took to get here...Grateful."

Noelle Robinson New Apartment 1
Noelle Robinson New Apartment 1

Photo: Noelle Robinson/Instagram

Noelle recently opened up about how she pays for her own living arrangements without the financial help of her parents, Cynthia Bailey and Leon Robinson. "[An] assumption that I get a lot, and I mean a lot, [is]... any time I get something or move or anything you guys assume that my parents, my mom or my dad or both of them, are paying for it... I always get, like, 'Oh, yeah, like, her mom's probably paying her rent,'" she said in a YouTube video. "I can do at least two or three [paid Instagram] posts and cover my rent. It's not a problem at all, so please don't think that my life is being paid for because I can assure you that it's not."

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