Nobody Can Stop Talking About Brian Cox’s Outfit On “The Tonight Show,” And Some Of These Tweets Have Me Giggling So Hard

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Last week, actor Brian Cox of Succession fame wore this outfit on The Tonight Show. This choice has caused quite a stir.

Brian Cox sits in a chair wearing a pinstripe shirt, goat leather pants, and loafers
NBC / Todd Owyoung / NBC via Getty Images

The outfit flew under the radar for a few days...until GQ tweeted this, and the comments started flying in.

NBC / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @GQMagazine

(Tragically, the tweet preview cuts off the loafers.)

TBH, the outfit looked nice in other photos!

Brian Cox in the same outfit; instead of sitting, he's walking
NBC / Todd Owyoung / NBC via Getty Images

Anyway — people had a lot of fun fondly roasting Brian. Here are some of the best reactions:


Twitter: @caroline_oreo


Twitter: @kendallhosseini


20th Century Fox / Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @TomZohar


Twitter: @successtextpost


Peacock / NBC / Via Twitter: @angeles524


Twitter: @hunteryharris


Twitter: @youwouldknow


HBO / Via Twitter: @craig1370


Twitter: @ali_sivi


Twitter: @WhitStap


Twitter: @RufusTSuperfly

12. And, finally:

Twitter: @GianmarcoSoresi

I want to note that THIS amazing getup is what he wore for a skit with Jimmy Fallon during the show. I just think this look should be talked about as well! Goat Leg Greg...slayed.

brian cox sitting on an armchair on a tv set made to resemble a forest. one of his legs is a goat's leg. he wears a wig, fake beard, and fedora along with an eyepatch, and smokes a pipe
Nbc / Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

Honestly, more power to you, Brian.