‘Nobody Dies From Weed’: Hayes Carll, Band of Heathens, and Even the DEA Agree

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Hayes Carll and the Band of Heathens light up for 4/20 with the new song "Nobody Dies From Weed." - Credit: Casen Hutton*
Hayes Carll and the Band of Heathens light up for 4/20 with the new song "Nobody Dies From Weed." - Credit: Casen Hutton*

“There’s a million ways to make grave, but nobody dies from weed,” sing Hayes Carll and the Band of Heathens in multi-part harmony on their new song, “Nobody Dies From Weed.” Just in time for 4/20, the honky-tonk tune continues a strong country family tradition of songs about the virtues of getting high and shows how a good toke can unite two artists like Carll and the Heathens. “Nobody’s punched their ticket on mother nature’s gift,” they agree, “Or gone to meet their maker from puffin’ on a spliff.”

“While we’re not ‘technically’ doctors, we did do our own research and found this to be mostly true,” Carll, who recently performed the song on Midland’s the Last Resort Cruise, said in a statement. “You’re welcome!”

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For the record the DEA agrees with Carll’s sentiment. “No deaths from overdose of marijuana have been reported,” the feds, who could bust you for smoking weed, say on their official website. But they do list a caveat: “Although, there have been an increasing number of emergency room visits involving marijuana edibles.”

One unintentionally comical section of the DEA’s website asks, “What is its effect on the body?” The answer: “Relaxation, disinhibition, increased appetite, sedation, increased sociability,” among others, so Carll and the Heathens, who are touring together this spring, will probably be pleasant, plump, and pleasantly plump by the end of the trek.

“This sort of medicine show, revival, rock & roll circus is a unique presentation of our music,” the Heathens’ Ed Jurdi said in a statement. “I think anyone who loves the spontaneity and chemistry of a live performance is going to be in for a magical evening. I know we’re going to have a good time!”

Incidentally, there’s a gap in tour dates between April 18 and April 21 as they travel between New Orleans and Gainesville, Florida. If you’re in the area, you could probably sniff them out. “Nobody Dies From Weed” is available for streaming on Friday.

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