There is no excuse for Oprah having three hands and Reese Witherspoon having three legs on the cover of Vanity Fair

Everyone knows Oprah can do it all. The one thing we’re not buying, though, is Oprah being able to grow a third hand just in time to shoot this month’s Vanity Fair cover.

In a colossal Photoshop fail, February’s cover features an array of undeniable physical flubs across Hollywood’s elite, notably Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon.

When fans pointed out via Twitter that Witherspoon was sporting an extra leg under her couture gown, VF was able to deny error by citing the actress’s dress lining. More difficult to deny was why Oprah has an extra hand sticking out of her shoulder. The esteemed magazine’s response included a joke about Winfrey needing three hands to “juggle it all.”

We’re hoping that in lieu of VF firing their photo editor, they gifted their social media editor a promotion for timely comedic deflection.

“This just makes me think of how Photoshopped everything is,” The Morning Breath’s Claudia Oshry says in response to the botch.

The real crime is the fact that it is Hollywood’s most revered heroes who fell victim to such a careless oversight. Haven’t these women been through enough this year? And not to mention, it’s Vanity freakin’ Fair that apparently didn’t have sufficient staff in the editing room to call out the odd number of limbs flailing about on set.

While we forgive the occasional Photoshop overkill, we’re still left wondering why the world’s most gorgeous require such intense and excessive editing. “Why do you need to Photoshop these people?” asks Jackie Oshry. “Just let them live.”

“You’re creating poses that are unrealistic standards for women,” accuses Jackie. If Oprah has three legs, then we want three hands too.

And on that note, don’t forget to pick up the February issue of Vanity Fair, on stands now, because it’s hilarious. We’re going to buy a few.