NLE Choppa talks a possible vegan burger date with Ice Spice at Kevin Hart’s new restaurant

NLE Choppa and Ice Spice
NLE Choppa and Ice Spice

If you’re not tuning into “The Jason Lee Show” from famed media blogger Jason Lee and REVOLT, then you’re missing out on one of the best new talk shows to hit the internet.  Every week, host Lee he sits down for unfiltered conversations with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

On this week’s episode, Lee sat down with NLE Choppa. The Memphis-born rapper has been known to spark controversy more than a few times on social media. During his appearance on the show, the “Go Stupid” emcee set the record straight about several recent events including his spiritual journey, adopting a healthier diet, whether he’d be open to taking emerging artist Ice Spice out on a date and much more.

The 20-year-old already stands out from the rest of his peers. After struggling with his mental health, NLE, born Bryson Lashun Potts, made some drastic changes to his everyday life that included distancing himself from certain people and taking up a vegan diet that meant removing animal products such as dairy, meat, and eggs from his meals.

The artist shared what triggered him to transition, stating, “I was at the lowest, lower than low, to where you sink so low that you wake up and you be like, ‘I’m better off not here.’ So when you get to that point, and you’re not a quitter, and you’re a fighter, you do whatever you have to do to make sure you get back to your highs. And part of that was switching my lifestyle.”

NLE said part of “getting back on my feet” involved daily prayers, meditation, kicking his drug habit, problematic friends, and his veganism. Through research, the “Camelot” emcee was able to cut back on certain things he felt were doing internal damage to his body. “With me just learning the science behind killing an animal, taking an animal’s life and energy doesn’t die; it only transfers,” he explained. “Energy that the animal was in before it died is transferred through the meat, through what you eat.”

It’s clear the emcee has made a lot of progress since sharing a troubling Twitter post in March 2020. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NLE took to his socials and claimed, “Imma Kill Myself The Last Day of December 2020” before adding, “Y’all Better Enjoy Me While Y’all Can.”

Luckily the rapper is still with us, but it did prompt Lee to ask the star, who was 18 at the time, what triggered such definitive thoughts. The emcee admitted that he had been struggling with this mental health and alluded to having difficulties adjusting to his newfound fame.

“You know, you get introduced to so many different things, to a new lifestyle, where you kind of lose the purpose, the focus,” he said. “So, God came back into my life, and he was like, ‘Look at you. You want to come back to Dada now, don’t ya?’” NLE admitted he “wasn’t standing firm on morals and boundaries” and had “everything I wanted and nothing I needed,” which was “peace… just guidance, groundedness.”

Later, things got more personal as Lee questioned the young star about sliding in Ice Spice’s DMs. NLE shared that he did get the “Munch” rapper’s digits and that he “hit her personally.” However, despite Lee’s attempts,  the rapper insisted he only contacted the Bronx raptress to chat about music. “I don’t text her no more. She changed her number,” he revealed before adding, “I watch from a distance…  She’s doing a lot of big things.”

Lee jokingly suggested that the two grab vegan burgers at Kevin Hart’s new restaurant Hart House, and while NLE exactly shot down the idea, he implied, “That’s if she wants to go.”

The interview didn’t stop there. Elsewhere the “Final Warning” rapper opened up about his “misunderstanding” with rapper NBA YoungBoy, selling herbal supplements, and achieving massive success in the music industry despite not having the backing from a major record label. “Money is nothing if you can’t own your music,” he said.

Choppa continued, “If I got to sign for $3 million, and then you own my whole catalog of everything I’m dropping for four years, I’m only going to touch that $3 million. I’m not going to touch nothing that my music is going to make when I’m 50.”

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