Nina Dobrev and Shaun White's Relationship Timeline

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Nina Dobrev and Shaun White's Relationship Timeline

From a South African safari to the Olympics, here's a breakdown of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s love story

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are in it for the long haul.

While the two first met during a brief encounter at an awards show in 2012, it wasn't until 2019 that they were formally introduced. Fast forward to April 2020, and after months of hanging out, the pair became Instagram official with a set of photos that showed Dobrev giving White a quarantine haircut.

Throughout their relationship, they've regularly updated fans with sweet Instagram tributes, especially when it came to White's journey to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Dobrev proved to be the snowboarder's biggest fan during the lead-up to his final Olympic run.

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Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Nina Dobrev/Instagram

"Nina's just been so supportive and so amazing through this whole process for me," White told PEOPLE in January 2022. "Through the pandemic, she was a lifesaver — she really made that time in my life special."

From their chance meeting to their snowboarding adventures, here's the full timeline of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White's sweet relationship.

Late 2019: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White officially meet

The pair officially met at a Florida workshop organized by motivational speaker Tony Robbins in late 2019. After their speaking engagements, Dobrev and White decided to have dinner together at a nearby restaurant.

"I actually didn't know anything about her," White later admitted to PEOPLE. When a few members of the restaurant's staff approached, the Olympic gold medalist assumed they were going to ask for a photo with him. Much to his surprise, the group actually came over to see the Vampire Diaries alum, asking ​​"Can we get a photo ... with her?" White recalled. "And I was like, 'What's happening? What's going on?' It was actually really funny."

February 2020: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go on safari

In late February 2020, White and Dobrev posted separate photos while enjoying a South African safari. However, eagle-eyed fans quickly realized the pair was in the same location throughout the entire week. It was later revealed that Dobrev was filming Redeeming Love, and invited White to visit her on location.

"That was actually how we kind of started our relationship," White told Us Weekly. "And she [thought], 'Oh, this guy, he came to play. He's serious.' So that's a thing that we share together. We both enjoy traveling."

March 22, 2020: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White spark dating rumors

During the early days of quarantine, Dobrev and White were photographed riding their bicycles together in Malibu. White was seen holding Dobrev's dog Maverick during their leisurely ride. A source close to the actress told E! News that the two had hung out numerous times before their first public outing.

Early 2020: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go snowboarding together for the first time

Nina Dobrev/instagram
Nina Dobrev/instagram

As a five-time Olympian, snowboarding plays a huge role in White's life. Luckily for Dobrev, she began skiing and snowboarding when she was "8 or 9," as she later told E! News' Daily Pop.

"I think [White] was more surprised when we went [snowboarding] for the first time," she said. "He was expecting to wait for me and it was quite the opposite. I had already passed him by a landslide … I can keep up!"

White also told Us Weekly that the actress is "talented" and "pretty pro already" on the snowboard.

April 18, 2020: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White become Instagram official

In April 2020, White and Dobrev decided to make their blossoming romance official on Instagram. The pair didn't post a typical photo of themselves to make their social media debut, however. Instead, Nina shared a hilarious video that showed her attempting to wash her groceries. And while White's face wasn't visible in the demonstration, fans quickly pointed out the snowboarder's tattoo and freckled arms.

May 29, 2020: Nina Dobrev gives Shaun White a quarantine haircut

Nina Dobrev/instagram Nina Dobrev, Shaun White
Nina Dobrev/instagram Nina Dobrev, Shaun White

Since Dobrev and White quarantined together during the pandemic, White's only choice for a hairdresser was his girlfriend.

"Adding to resume: hairdresser ✂️," Dobrev wrote in the caption of a photo of her holding scissors beside his head. Meanwhile, White posted a time-lapse of his at-home salon day.

Sept. 3, 2020: Nina Dobrev celebrates Shaun White's birthday

Dobrev celebrated White's 34th birthday with a sweet, sarcastic message to "the most untalented, humorless, least athletic, least coordinated, least gifted and my least favorite person."

Nov. 26, 2020: Shaun White and Nina Dobrev celebrate their first Thanksgiving together

In November 2020, White posted photos of his family Thanksgiving, which included a picture of the couple at the dinner table and a video of Dobrev goofing around in a matching pajama set.

"I'm so thankful to be surrounded by so much love," he captioned the post. "Getting older and watching my family continue to grow has been incredible."

Dec. 25, 2020: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White ring in their first Christmas as a couple

Dobrev and White celebrated their first Christmas together in December 2020. The snowboarder posted photos of his family's Christmas festivities, which included a Polaroid of him and Dobrev donning matching Santa hats.

Jan. 9, 2021: Shaun White celebrates Nina Dobrev's birthday

Shaun White Instagram Shaun White and Nina Dobrev
Shaun White Instagram Shaun White and Nina Dobrev

Dobrev rang in her 32nd birthday with a 31st redo celebration since "2020 didn't count."

White celebrated his lady's big day by sharing a set of silly photos with the caption, "Too bad we never have any fun together ... 😉."

Feb. 8, 2021: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go on a Vampire Diaries double date

nina dobrev/ Instagram
nina dobrev/ Instagram

On Feb. 8, 2021, Dobrev and White went on a double date with her former Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley and his wife Ines de Ramon at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming.

"Sometimes you gotta double down," Dobrev captioned a photo of the foursome before declaring them as her "powder pals." Wesley also shared videos of how the two couples spent their Super Bowl Sunday on the slopes.

Feb. 14, 2021: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White celebrate their first Valentine's Day as a couple

Both Dobrev and White dedicated Instagram posts to each other for their first Valentine's Day together. Dobrev wrote that her "favorite snow cone flavor is White" and wished her "quarantini in crime" a happy Valentine's Day.

"Thank you for keeping a smile on my face and being the beautiful person you are," White shared on his own profile.

June 2021: Shaun White shares how the couple celebrated their first anniversary

For their first anniversary, the couple was limited with celebration options due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, White managed to get creative and still pull out all of the stops.

"I wanted to recreate our first date, but everything was closed," the Olympic gold medalist told Us Weekly. "I managed to sweet-talk the owner of the place to open up for us. It was actually pretty fun to have a place all to ourselves."

October 2021: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White collaborate on a home DIY project

Ye Rin Mok/AD Nina Dobrev
Ye Rin Mok/AD Nina Dobrev

In October 2021, Dobrev's 1920 Spanish-style home was featured in Architectural Digest, and the actress revealed that she and White had actually painted the entire home by themselves. While the couple was initially excited by the DIY project, it only took a few days for them to question what they had gotten themselves into.

"I always wanted to paint it white and for the first time I found myself having no excuse, and my boyfriend [White] and I painted the whole exterior of the house ourselves and it took forever," she explained.

Oct. 19, 2021: Shaun White gushes about Nina Dobrev ahead of the Olympics

Leading up to the 2022 Beijing Olympics, White spoke to PEOPLE about the support Dobrev has shown him throughout their "beautiful relationship" while he trained for the big event.

"Nina's incredible," he began. "What an influence on my life. Not only does she run her own show, her own world, companies she's involved in, things she's producing, all this stuff going on. She holds me to this same high standard which is so wonderful to have in a partner."

Oct. 31, 2021: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White bring The Queen's Gambit to life

Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Nina Dobrev/Instagram

The couple dressed up as characters from the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit for Halloween in 2021. The pair put their own gender-flipped spin on their costumes, with White dressing up as Beth Harmon while Dobrev pulled off Benny Watts — mustache and all.

Jan. 6-8, 2022: Nina Dobrev supports Shaun White at an Olympic qualifying event

Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Dobrev was able to show her support in person for White at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix of Snowboard and Freeski at Mammoth Mountain in January 2022.

The Love Hard actress posted a cheeky boomerang on Instagram from the mountain, showing off how she momentarily traded her snow gear for a red bikini.

"My version of a meltdown," she captioned the post.

Jan. 25, 2022: Nina Dobrev praises Shaun White before the Olympics

Unfortunately, Dobrev couldn't cheer White on in person at the 2022 Olympic Games due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, the actress told Us Weekly she'd be "anxiously" watching at home.

Dobrev also spoke about her beau's accomplishment of being the oldest U.S. halfpipe rider in the history of the Winter Games. "I am really excited for him," she shared with E! News' Daily Pop. "Just to get into the Olympics at all is one of the hugest accomplishments, let alone to get in five times. I'm so excited. I'm so proud of him."

Feb. 11, 2022: Nina Dobrev celebrates Shaun White's final run

White ended up placing fourth in his final Olympic halfpipe. In an Instagram post, Dobrev wrote that she was in "awe" of the snowboarder and how the world will celebrate his lasting legacy.

"The end of one chapter means the beginning of an exciting new one with endless possibilities," she wrote. "You will forever be the G.O.A.T. of snowboarding. Not to mention you are also the G.(B).O.A.T. = Greatest Boyfriend Of All Time. 😉"

Feb. 18, 2022: Nina Dobrev helps create a list for Shaun White's retirement

After returning to the United States after his final Winter Olympics, White stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he revealed how Dobrev inspired him to make a list of things he wants to do post-retirement. One item at the top of his list? Attending the Super Bowl.

"My girlfriend said, 'If you're retiring, you gotta make this list of things you wanna do,'" he shared. "So, I'm putting this list [together], and pretty close to the top of the list was, 'Go to a Super Bowl,' because it's always during the competitive season — I've never been to one."

After White landed home from Beijing and greeted his family, the couple immediately flew to Los Angeles where they witnessed the Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals at Super Bowl LVI.

March 5, 2022: Nina Dobrev throws Shaun White a retirement party

Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Nina Dobrev/Instagram

To celebrate the snowboarder's storied career, Dobrev threw White a retirement party, where guests donned red wigs modeled after his signature red hair color.

"Celebrating the 🐐 and bringing back the 👩🏻‍🦰 one last time…" she captioned a carousel of photos from the bash.

March 14, 2022: Shaun White and Nina Dobrev enjoy his retirement with a tropical vacation

Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Nina Dobrev/Instagram

After White's media appearances post-Olympics, the couple jetted off to Costa Rica for a relaxing getaway. They vacationed at Auberge Resorts' celeb-approved wellness retreat Hacienda AltaGracia, where the pair zip-lined, surfed, and hit the spa.

Dobrev joked about her boyfriend's laid-back retirement kickoff on Instagram, writing, "S—, if this is #RetiredLife … should I retire too?"

May 19, 2022: Shaun White and Nina Dobrev make their red carpet debut as a couple

Samir Hussein/WireImage Shaun White and Nina Dobrev
Samir Hussein/WireImage Shaun White and Nina Dobrev

After over a year of dating, the couple made their red carpet debut as they attended the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in London. The film stars Tom Cruise as well as Dobrev's friend Miles Teller and her ex-boyfriend Glenn Powell.

June 2022: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go on vacation to the Maldives

Dobrev and White traveled to the Maldives for some sun-bathing, snorkeling, boating, jet-skiing, picnicking and more. They showed off their fun time with plenty of Instagram posts, including one carousel post where the couple displayed their sweet and saucy sides.

In the first snap, the pair smiles on the sand while holding tropical cocktails. In the second, cheekier photo, Dobrev bends over while White rests his hand on her behind.

"Coconut or cocktail?" Dobrev captioned her post. "There are two types of people in the world. which one are you?"

August 2022: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White attend Omega Masters tournament in Switzerland

Dobrev and White rubbed shoulders with George Clooney during the Omega Masters tournament at the Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club in Switzerland. During a special Omega watch event on Sept. 27, the couple were dressed to the nines. Dobrev donned a tailored plaid suit, while White sported an all-black ensemble; they were both wearing Omega timepieces, of course.

The Vampire Diaries star shared a carousel of photos from their trip to the Swiss Alps on Instagram. The images included a silly selfie with her TVD co-star Paul Wesley, as well as a snap from her gondola ride with actor Anthony Anderson.

"Old friends, new friends, one hell of a good time," Dobrev captioned the post.

August 28, 2022: Nina Dobrev's longtime friend sings Shaun White's praises

Fellow Vampire Diaries alum Kayla Ewell thinks Dobrev has found her match. In a conversation with PEOPLE at the This Is About Humanity 4th Anniversary Soiree in Los Angeles, Ewell gushed about her friend and former roommate's relationship with White.

"I lived with Nina for years," Ewell said. "She and I are so close, and it's so fun to finally see her with someone that brings out the best version of her."

She added that the couple has "so much fun together" and described them as "jokesters."

September 6, 2022: Nina Dobrev wishes Shaun White a happy birthday

Dobrev wished White a happy belated 36th birthday by posting a cheeky photo on Instagram of the snowboarder cradling her head and picking her nose. Both are wearing hoodies and smiling in the shot.

"i really picked a winner[ and he really picked a booger ]," Dobrev wrote in the caption. "Happy belated Birthday you weirdo. My weirdo."

White responded to the snap, commenting a simple, "Hahahaha ❤️❤️❤️😂."

October 1, 2022: Nina Dobrev supports Shaun White during his Saturday Night Live appearance

White attended the taping of Saturday Night Live to cheer on his friend and host of the show, Miles Teller. But the Olympian didn't just sit in the audience that evening.

"Congrats to my buddy #MilesTeller on hosting @nbcsnl Not surprised that you killed it. But I was very surprised when I arrived to support you… and they pulled me on stage to be part of a sketch 😂," the former pro snowboarder wrote on Instagram.

There to support the spur-of-the-moment SNL appearance was Dobrev.

"i loved being an emotional support animal 🐆," she captioned a carousel of images of her and White backstage.

October 31, 2022: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White dress up as Stranger Things characters for Halloween

Dobrev "went for sexy this Halloween" when she dressed up as Vecna — a gruesome-looking villain from Stranger Things season 4. White completed the couple's costume by portraying Max Mayfield, one of Vecna's victims.

"stranger things have happened," Dobrev captioned an image of the pair recreating a scene from the Netflix series.

December 25, 2022: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White spend Christmas in Mexico with their families

Dobrev and White brought their families together for a joint vacation in Mexico. Photos on Instagram showed the couple enjoying boat rides, cocktails, family dinners and stunning sunsets.

"Not sure if you can overdose on guac but i def tried….✌🏼out Mexico," Dobrev captioned a carousel of images from the trip.

January 9, 2023: Shaun White wishes Nina Dobrev a happy 34th birthday

In honor of her birthday, White posted a photo of Dobrev from their trip to Antarctica. The Vampire Diaries star was dressed in a pink wig and cat ears.

"What planet are you from and will you take me with you?!👽❤️Thanks for making life incredible! Happy birthday my love 🥳🎂🎉," White captioned the image.

To which Dobrev replied: "We're on a one way rocket ship to Uranus, baby! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🤍😉."

April 14, 2023: Shaun White says he feels "no pressure" to propose to Nina Dobrev

At a Coachella event, White told PEOPLE that he feels "no pressure" to propose to Dobrev in 2023.

"We're just enjoying our time together right now," he said. "But I told her, I was like, 'Look, after the Olympics, I finally got my freedom to do whatever. And let's just have fun and be together and support each other.' "

White added: "But you never know. We'll see what happens."

June 26, 2023: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White attend The Out-Laws premiere

<p>Steve Granitz/FilmMagic</p>

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

White joined Dobrev at the L.A. premiere of her new Netflix film, "The Out-Laws." The actress wore a sparkly mini dress by Khaite while the Olympian looked handsome in a suit.

The premiere wasn't the first time White supported Dobrev in regards to her role in the movie. In an interview with E! News published a week later, the actress revealed that White also helped her land the part.

"Fun fact," she said, "but Shaun helped me run lines for my audition."

September 28, 2023: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White attend The Albies

<p>Cindy Ord/Getty </p>

Cindy Ord/Getty

The couple were among the dozens of celebrities who walked the red carpet at the second annual Albies in New York City. Dobrev and White coordinated in all-black Versace ensembles at the event hosted by the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

"An immensely important evening to shine a protective light on the many courageous individuals who, at great personal risk, have devoted their lives to justice," the actress wrote on Instagram. "Thank you George and Amal Clooney for a beautiful evening, and to all the honorees for dedicating your lives in the pursuit of justice. The world is a better place because of you."

January 9, 2024: Shaun White surprises Nina Dobrev with a trip to Disneyland for her 35th birthday

In a post on Instagram, Dobrev revealed that her boyfriend had coordinated a surprise trip to Disneyland. She shared a carousel of photos from the vacation, which showed her celebrating turning 35 with White and her friends — a group that included Julianne Hough, Keleigh Sperry, and Lauren Parkesian.

"I'm still in shock to be honest. Feeling incredibly lucky, celebrated, loved, grateful and appreciative of all the wonderful souls I am fortunate to surround myself with," Dobrev wrote in the caption of the post. "When it comes to friends, I definitely hit the jackpot. Huge thank you to my love @shaunwhite for orchestrating the whole thing! You sneaky lil devil."

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