Nikki Sixx’s Wife Courtney Reveals How They’re Raising 4-Year-Old Daughter to Be ‘Cowgirl Tough’ In Wyoming

Nikki Sixx and Wife Courtney Are Raising Daughter to Be Cowgirl Tough
Courtesy of Courtney Sixx
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Courtney Sixx, wife of legendary Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, is used to a rock star life on the road after touring 19 countries in Europe last summer with the iconic band. And although she says “her 17-year-old self” was living a dream come true, the mom-of-one is the happiest settled in Wyoming where they’re raising 4-year-old daughter Ruby, she exclusively reveals to Us Weekly.

“Wyoming is home,” Courtney told Us. “We love [it]. It's back to basics. Even though it's so beautiful and it's so nice, you learn how to cowgirl it up! If (Ruby) gets a boo boo. And she's like, ‘Oh, ow!’ we'll go, ‘You're tough, right? You're cowgirl tough.’ She says, ‘I'm a cowgirl. I'm tough.’”

The Bouquet Box founder, 38, who recently presented newly-crowned Miss America 2024 Madison Marsh with her winning bouquet, started the floral subscription company three years ago in Jackson Hole, where Courtney and Nikki, 65, moved during the pandemic.

And her business and family have blossomed ever since.

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Courtney said living in the countryside overlooking the mountain range is their own “slice of heaven” away from the Hollywood hustle.

“The schools are small and it's just quaint. And I think it's a great balance for all of us, but especially for Ruby, because Nikki and I we were not raised like this at all and getting to live in two places and getting to travel,” she said. “We want to instill in her down-home goodness.”

Nikki Sixx and Wife Courtney Are Raising Daughter to Be Cowgirl Tough
Courtesy of Courtney Sixx

Although the couple, who married in 2014, have since moved back to Los Angeles part-time, the family’s heart is in Wyoming.

“It’s been great for our family,” added Courtney.

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“We've met just the salt of the earth and incredible people in Wyoming. And it's such a melting pot,” she said. “What's cool about it is everyone you meet, they've kind of come there because they really, really want to be there and enjoy the snow or fishing. It's been really fun.”

Like her famous father, Ruby is already turning into a budding performing, according to her mom. And in between “everything pink, sparkly, princesses and Barbie,” she’s also up for outdoor adventures.

“Our favorite thing is to go on the Snake River. You get to float for hours and you get to look at the Tetons. And if you're lucky, a moose will pop out!” said Courtney. “(Ruby) loves to fish. She goes crazy when we fish — and she's a boss. She helped daddy take the hook out of the trout, and then he showed her how to clean it. He’s like, ‘This is all part of the fishing experience.’ She has zero fear. She's such a tomboy. And she's a girly girl too! She’s just her own little spirit.”

The self-described “mama bear” and working mom is focused on doing it all for her daughter and her future family: “I felt like I had a very fulfilled life and a purpose, I'm passionate with my creativity and I'm in love with my husband,” said Courtney. “I thought, this is amazing. And then I had Ruby and I was telling someone, ‘What was I doing before?’

She concluded, “It's a little bit different because I'm thinking what's going to happen for her generation, for her kids. Your purpose just totally changes.”