The Night Agent’s Gabriel Basso Will Go From Playing Peter Sutherland To Working With Kiefer Sutherland In New Movie

 Gabriel Basso on The Night Agent
Gabriel Basso on The Night Agent

The Night Agent, which is currently streamable with a Netflix subscription, became a runaway streaming hit when it debuted in March. Not only did the show bring in huge numbers for the streaming service, but it has also arguably helped raise the celebrity status of some of his stars. This has been true for lead actor Gabriel Basso, whose portrayal of Peter Sutherland has mostly attracted positive responses. The show has already received a Season 2 renewal, and it looks like Basso has another gig on the docket as well. He’s teaming up with Kiefer Sutherland and more for a new movie.

Gabriel Basso and Kiefer Sutherland will star in the latest directorial effort from Clint Eastwood, Juror #2. Deadline reports that at this point, Basso is currently in negotiations to join the production. Should the actor officially sign on the dotted line, he’d join not only Sutherland but also Toni Collette, Nicholas Hoult and Zoey Deutch. Needless to say, Basso is in excellent company.

Clint Eastwood also serves as a producer on Juror #2 and will direct from a script penned by Jonathan Abrams. The movie centers on a man who finds himself faced with a serious moral dilemma while serving on the jury for a major murder case. Depending on what the character – Justin Kemp – chooses to do, he could either free or convict the wrong killer. The Night Agent star is set to have a juicy role in Eastwood’s latest, as he’ll reportedly play the man who’s on trial. I’m surely interested in seeing him mix it up with the other actors, especially Kiefer Sutherland, who (like him) is no stranger to political thrillers.

The fact that Gabriel Basso has that particular role is somewhat ironic. The Netflix drama sees him play a character who’s on the right side of the law, even though he eventually comes into conflict with the U.S. government due to a far-reaching conspiracy. But in this new movie, the star is set to portray someone who may or may not have committed a serious crime. I’m interested in seeing Basso in such a role, as it’ll be a solid counterbalance to his heroic turn on the show.

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Like the other recent castings, this latest one is also further evidence that Clint Eastwood can still line up plenty of top-tier talent for his productions. The last decade of his illustrious career alone has seen him work alongside the likes of Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde and Laurence Fishburne. One would hope that as is customary with the best entries in his filmography, Eastwood will be able to get some strong performances out of his actors.

As eager as some may be to see Gabriel Basso take on this new gig, others are surely pumped to see him play Peter Sutherland again. A few things have been said about The Night Agent Season 2, though we don’t know what exactly lies ahead for its characters. There’s also uncertainty as to whether it’ll still arrive in 2024, thanks to the ongoing WGA writers strike. We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out on that front, and the same can be said for Basso’s upcoming collaboration with Clint Eastwood, Kiefer Sutherland and co.

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