Is Night Agent Boss Chief of F-Bombs? Would You Sign Up for 'The Hundred'? Best Law & Order Cook? More TV Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Way Home, The Night Agent, Law & Order: Organized Crime and more!

Up Here
Up Here

1 | Didn’t Up Here‘s bookstore look a lot like the record store on Hulu’s High Fidelity?

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2 | After Love Is Blind‘s Kwame picked up a guitar to freestyle a love song for Chelsea and then Zack crooned an original ballad for Irina, can we ban all singing in the pods from here on out?

3 | Does The Night Agent‘s phone have call waiting? In case another spy is trying to reach him with a crisis while he’s having a flirty sharing session with Rose? Was it a bit funny to see “Wayne Palmer” (24 alum D.B. Woodside) demoted from POTUS to the Second Daughter’s Secret Service detail? With Kari Matchett as the president and a Peter Gallagher lookalike as VP, did you for a second think the show had give us a Covert Affairs reunion? And does anyone wield the F-word as well as Hong Chau (as White House chief of staff/not Fire Country star Diane Farr)? We’re pretty sure she turned the expletive into parts of speech not yet discovered!

4 |

Fear the Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead

After learning that Fear the Walking Dead is doing a seven-year time jump for its final season, were you surprised to watch the trailer and see that, aside from some extra gray in Morgan’s beard, everybody looked exactly the same?

5 | Has any TV version of New York City looked less like New York City than Rabbit Hole‘s?

6 | The Way Home fans, what’s your take on how much Del really knows about the pond?

7 | We dunno… didn’t Succession‘s The Hundred (“Substack meets MasterClass meets The Economist meets The New Yorker“) kind of sound like something you’d want to read?

8 | Perry Mason Season 2 watchers, did we take for granted how much vim and vigor Tatiana Maslany’s now-MIA Sister Alice brought to the otherwise muted, plodding series in Season 1?

9 | With the rate at which The Company You Keep is revealing big secrets, are you worried that the show is losing some of its tension?

10 |

The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful

Is The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila from Krypton? How else could she have survived a 20-foot fall from Bill’s balcony, gotten up and run away? Also, did the soap reallyreuse the footage of Caroline’s plunge from the same spot?

11 | Servant, Severance, and now The Savant? Apple TV+ is trolling us with their titling, yes?

12 | Now that How I Met Your Father creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger have confirmed to TVLine that we’ll meet Sophie’s absentee dad by the end of Season 2, we want to know: Who would you cast in the role? Should the EPs enlist someone from one of their previous shows (Love, Victor and This Is Us)? Perhaps Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire dad Robert Carradine? Or is there a secondary or tertiary How I Met Your Mother character old enough — presumably, someone around Paget Brewster’s age — to fit the bill?

13 | Are you also still trying to figure out what The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Louis wearing his dead father-in-law’s pajamas to sleep has to do with his family’s safety?

Mandalorian Tim Meadows Tuttle
Mandalorian Tim Meadows Tuttle

14 |

Was Tim Meadows a rare case of Mandalorian miscasting? Between his laissez-faire vibe and the chintzy costume (seriously, take a closer look at it on rewatch), did that scene feel like an SNL sketch?

15 | Didn’t Ted Lasso‘s Roy thinking “prima donna” was “pre-Madonna” feel like a joke straight out of Bill Lawrence’s former sitcom Cougar Town? (We were waiting for Christa Miller’s Ellie to pop up in frame and say, “Change approved!”) And given how private Colin was being about his romance with Michael, wasn’t it hard to believe that Colin would later be OK making out with Michael in a public space, not far from all his friends and teammates?

16 |

The Flash
The Flash

Who wants to tell The Flash‘s Allegra that websites don’t have newspaper front page-style layouts? Did the show really deprive us of seeing the Iris/Nia/Kara/Alex/Ryan brunch?? And how glaring was it this week, with Iris and Nia both comatose, that Team Flash now has no medically trained member?

17 | Do you think Survivor‘s Carolyn will blow up Brandon and Danny’s games once the tribes officially merge next week?

18 | If Chicago P.D. takes two steps back with Burgess and Ruzek next week after this Wednesday’s big development, will you lose it?

19 | If A Million Little Things‘ Maggie was so irked about Dr. Jessica taking over her radio show, why did she listen to it every day? And who listens to radio in their homes on actual radios anymore, anyway?

20 |

The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer

With that jacket/shirt combo, did you half expect The Masked Singer judge Robin Thicke to break into “Do You Hear the People Sing?” during this week’s episode?

21 | Is Next Level Chef‘s dirty little secret that more than half the season has nothing to do with its “three levels of kitchens” gimmick?

22 | Was anyone watching Station 19 not ultimately hoping that that obnoxious social-media star would plunge to her death?

23 | Is Grey’s Anatomy working overtime to make us forget that we ever liked Maggie and Winston together, ahead of Kelly McCreary’s exit? Also, was anyone else afraid that the PRT was going to explode when Addison drove off at the end of the episode?

So Help Me Todd Aunt Patty
So Help Me Todd Aunt Patty

24 |

As sibling castings go… did So Help Me Todd miss the mark here?

25 | The end of this week’s Law & Order: Organized Crime got us to thinking: Who would win in an Italian-food cookoff — Stabler, or SVU‘s Carisi?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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