Nicole Zignago Reflects on the ‘Perfect Chaos’ in Life on Her Debut Album

Nicole Zignago - Credit: Courtesy The 3 Collective*
Nicole Zignago - Credit: Courtesy The 3 Collective*

Nicole Zignago’s new album Escrita is like an audio version of her most intimate diary entries. On Friday, the Peruvian pop singer released an 11-track debut LP that captures her introspections and experiences with love and heartache over the last six years.

“I’ve realized over the years that I would rather see my reflection on paper than in the mirror, because I seem blurry when I look in the mirror. I see myself through the judgment of others and my own,” she tells Rolling Stone. “Seeing myself in the ink of my lyrics is a better image of who I am, errors and all.”

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“When I write, I make thousands of mistakes, drawings, I rip pages. It’s chaos. A perfect chaos,” she adds.

Tracks on the album such as “Mimos” featuring Camilo, “Va a Doler,” and “En Huelga,” serve as a “recollection” of the life moments and tribulations she’s worked through after she took sometime to explore herself as an artist. To make the music, it took meeting and working with her producer Juan Ariza last year to bring the best lyrics out of her.

“It’s as if these lyrics had been waiting for me to be born at the right time. Until I was ready to give it to people,” she says. “I discarded many songs from the album that I had ready, only four remained and they made room for these seven new songs that were born without thinking over seven days. It was like a puzzle. It just made sense.”

Zignago’s last project arrived in 2022 with EP Así Me Siento Hoy, which earned her a Best New Artist Latin Grammy nod.

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