Nicole drops a bombshell in The Family Chantel season 3 first look: 'Pedro had sex with Coraima!'

Nicole drops a bombshell in The Family Chantel season 3 first look: 'Pedro had sex with Coraima!'

It's no wonder TLC gave 90 Day Fiancé stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno a spin-off series, because it's nonstop drama when it comes to The Family Chantel.

The couple met when Chantel was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and quickly became fan favorites after the ups and downs of their love story were documented on several seasons of 90 Day Fiancé. In case you missed them: Pedro joined Chantel in Atlanta on a K-1 visa, and they wed despite her parents' misgivings. He had to be marrying her for a green card! Though that wasn't the case, Chantel and Pedro's relationship has been a roller coaster due in part to cultural and financial differences between their families. Basically, no one gets along, but somehow Chantel and Pedro are still together — even after The Family Chantel's disastrous trip to the Philippines last season, where they attended brother Royal's wedding.

So what can fans expect from season 3? EW has an exclusive first look, which eases us into the ridiculousness to come by showing a happy scene of Chantel and Pedro house hunting that quickly reminds us of the strained situation between their extended families.

"With my mom and sister here, we can owner on top, and they can live here downstairs!" says Pedro excitedly. Clearly not thrilled at the thought of sharing quarters with her in-laws, Chantel deadpans: "We can get a crate for them, set it right there in the corner."

TLC Chantel Everett on 'The Family Chantel'

Meanwhile, it looks like Chantel's brother River has his first serious girlfriend, which means their mother, Karen, will have a new relationship to meddle in! When River tells Karen his love life is none of her business, she retorts: "If I know you like I know the rest of my kids, it's gonna become all of my business."

Against the family's wishes, Chantel's sister Winter has also gotten back together with her boyfriend Jah — and they've adopted a new religion that doesn't allow them to eat shrimp. "If you eat a bottom feeder, you think like a bottom feeder," says Jah. Okay...

On Pedro's side of the family, his little sister Nicole is still in a long-distance relationship with Alejandro who resides in New York and is still... married. When Pedro presses Alejandro as to when he's getting divorced, Alejandro says it's not his problem. The men come to blows when Alejandro tells Pedro, "You're a bull------- and your mother's a bull------- as well." No one talks about Pedro's mama Lidia that way!

TLC Alejandro Padron on 'The Family Chantel'

Later in the season, Pedro heads to Santo Domingo. He's decided it's time to find out the truth about the father who left them, and breaks down when discussing the man that "was never there for us. I no cry about him, I cry about the situation he make."

For some reason, Chantel, her mother, and sister think it's a good idea to schedule a girls' trip in the Dominican Republic at the same time. While they might be intending to support Pedro on his emotional journey, it looks like they're going to complicate things — particularly when the insufferable Nicole enters the picture.

Since Nicole loathes Chantel (they've both said some not-so-nice things to each other over the years) and isn't pleased with Pedro for fighting her beau, she decides to dredge up a painful incident. One night when Pedro was back at home in the DR sans Chantel, he had a few drinks, took off his wedding ring, and wound up dirty dancing with Nicole's friend Coraima (who's always had a crush on him) while his sister recorded the whole thing and eventually exposed the video at a group dinner where Chanel was present. Yes, Nicole tried to break up her brother's marriage.

TLC Nicole Jimeno on 'The Family Chantel'

At the end of the preview above, Nicole struts into the hotel lobby to meet up with the Family Chantel and casually greets them: "Hi, bitches! Pedro had sex with Coraima. Bye!" As a stunned Pedro tries to get his sister under control, Nicole tells Karen to go to hell, a glass breaks, security is called, and a police car pulls up.

Can this family be saved? Sure doesn't look like it.

Season 3 of The Family Chantel premieres Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

TLC 'The Family Chantel'

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