Nicola Peltz Beckham’s "Turkey Flesh" Manicure Is Perfect for Those Thanksgiving "Nailfies"

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and beauty enthusiasts searching for the perfect nail polish color are leaning toward classic winter shades such as wine tones, deep blue and berry hues. But what about nudes? We'll do you one better — what about flesh tones? Well, Nicola Peltz-Beckham defied holiday odds with the debut of her "Turkey flesh" manicure.

Before dashing off to the Chippendales premiere showing on Hulu, Nicola paid nail genius Tom Bachik a visit and left with an aspirational mani. The star went for a fleshy-toned nude polish almost reminiscent of a turkey neck. (So sorry to the non0meat eaters.) While the description may sound gross, it's actually quite glamorous as it befits those of paler skin hues and brings out the richness and color of their skin. Don't sleep on different shades of nudes, especially this understated tone. While we're gushing over her manicure, the massive rock on her finger also peeped itself out for a photo opp — things you love to see.

Not a fan of those dark winter mani vibes? Try Nicola's "turkey neck" nude or opt for something more neutral to your natural hue.


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