Nicki Nicole Reveals Alejandro Sanz Collab & More Takeaways From Billboard’s Spanish-Language Music Forum in Madrid

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Nicki Nicole headlined the inaugural Forum on Spanish-Language Music in Madrid presented by the Community of Madrid and powered by Billboard on Tuesday (March 19) at the WiZink Center.

During her 30-minute Q&A moderated by Billboard’s Leila Cobo, the Argentine artist opened up about her creative process when writing music, the importance of prioritizing her mental health, her very public break up with música Mexicana star Peso Pluma, and even revealed that new music with Alejandro Sanz is on the horizon.

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Right after, Billboard Español’s latest cover star performed a nearly 20-minute showcase, where she delivered acoustic version of her hits such as as “Dispara ***” and “8 AM.”

Additionally, the one-day, invite-only event — which sought to highlight the growing consumption of music in Spanish across continents — featured four panel conversations that included managers, executives and artists such as Raphael, Luis Cobos, La Mala Rodríguez, Paula Cendejas, Yotuel and Maikel Delacalle.

Below are the best takeaways from Nicki’s intimate conversation.

Nicki Nicole
Nicki Nicole at the first Forum on Spanish Language Music in Madrid, presented by the Community of Madrid and powered by Billboard.

On Collaborating With Alejandro Sanz

“I’m a big fan. I was recently with him in the studio and it was crazy for me. I don’t know if I could say it but yes, we made music together. His daughter’s name is Alma like my album and it was like, things are happening that are not coincidences. I also like that about music, that you can get to know your favorite artists, understand their world. Many of his songs that I thought were [created] one way, he explained to me that were made another way, and that’s also the crazy thing about music. I always play Alejandro Sanz music when I’m in my days. I really like ‘Amiga Mia.’ That’s my favorite song.”

On Her Instagram Story re: Peso Pluma Breakup

“I did it because I felt it. I felt that I was pretty exposed and from my part, I had to say what I felt and was going through. I like the fact that I received many messages from women, a lot of support, a lot of love. It’s a bit difficult when your personal life gets mixed up with exposure because a lot of people have opinions, and it’s hard. I was in between saying something or not, but I felt that I had to say something because it goes hand-in-hand with who I am.”

Nicki Nicole
Nicki Nicole at the first Forum on Spanish Language Music in Madrid, presented by the Community of Madrid and powered by Billboard.

On Turning Her Feelings Into Music

“I sing what I live and I live what I feel, and if it weren’t that way, I wouldn’t be myself 100 percent. I always like writing in a notebook and it helps me a lot. Beyond whether it [the song] comes out later or not, whether it remains captured somewhere, it’s already my catharsis of what happens to me. It also makes me be the artist that I am and have the fans that I have, who always know that I am going to be sincere with what I feel. I feel that new things will come from the hand of my emotions, and I feel that I will always be faithful to say what happens to me and talk about those things that make us human.”

On Mental Health

“I had a moment in 2021 where I felt very bad personally and at that moment, with my team, we decided to slow down a little and I really liked having that respect from [my manager] Fede [Lauria]. At that moment I stopped, but today, I think differently — my personal things are my personal things, but there’s also a responsibility, which is my job, the people who pay a ticket to see me. So at this moment, I decided not to stop. I decided to continue because it’s also what motivates me, what is good for me. […] I feel that today, personally, I have quite good self-esteem, and that helps me a lot to stay grounded. But I also very much agree that if you are not good with yourself, you don’t have to do things that you do not feel capable of.”

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