Nicki Minaj Urges Fans To Not Threaten Anyone, Focus On ‘Pink Friday 2’ Instead

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Nicki Minaj has urged her die-hard “Barbz” to take a step back when it comes to “threatening” others online. Instead, the Queens, NY, femcee would like her fans to focus on her forthcoming Pink Friday 2 album — set to release on Dec. 8.

In an Instagram Story posted on Sunday (Oct. 5), Minaj wrote: “Dear Barbz, Be sure to never threaten anyone on my behalf. Whether on the internet or in person. Whether in jest, or not. I don’t & never have condoned that.”

She added, “We have an amazing album right around the corner 12/08/23. It feels so surreal & euphoric. Wishing you blessings on blessings. Х”

Minaj’s over-zealous fans have been accused of threatening others on behalf of her.

The “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” rapper’s sentiments follows the most recent update on her fifth studio album. PF2 was set to originally release on Nov. 17, before Minaj pushed it back to her birthday (Dec. 8).

With a series of updates on Oct. 26, Minaj informed fans that her album would drop next month, as her tour announcement will come Nov. 17 and her new fragrance on Dec. 12 and 26.

Upon the news, some fans got into an online scuffle with others about Minaj’s reasoning for the delay, telling other fans to be patient with the Queen artist.

“Nicki you repeating yourself is exhausting,” wrote one fan. “Why can’t we just enjoy the music and get ready for 12.8.” The 40-year-old agreed with, “POW. FKNG POW!!!!!!!!” before threatening to quit using X (formerly Twitter).

“I think ima leave this X sh!t for GOOD!” she wrote. “Ima do a spaces right now to cuss everyone out. Then ima go to my rightful home.”

The mother-of-one also added in another X post that she’s in disbelief that everyone “cares” about what her and The Barbz are doing, being that she receives much backlash.

“Y’all don’t got no other album rollout to clock/look forward to?,” Minaj wrote on Nov. 4. “Well thank y’all. From the bottom of my heart. For this constant attention & promo. The barbz are FED. The barbz are HAPPY. Nananabooboo.”

She then reiterated the release date for the album, stamped with “HEAUX.”

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