Nicki Minaj Reveals Why Diddy Didn’t Approve Of Her Being Justin Combs’ Sweet Sixteen Date

Diddy and Nicki Minaj collaborated on the remix to “Hello Good Morning” back in January 2010, but the Queens rapper recently revealed that Puff may not have been too happy with her at the time. The 40-year-old artist admitted to showing up late to his son Justin Combs’ sweet 16 birthday party, whom she was his date, and believing Brother Love was mad at her for that.

“What was that like me being your Sweet Sixteen date?” Minaj asked Combs during a recent Instagram Live session. “I know I was mad late and I can’t remember much but I felt like, I just knew Puffy and Misa was so mad at me.” Misa Hylton is Combs’ mother and the Bad Boy founder’s ex.

“I could feel it and I was so mad at myself ’cause all of the dresses that I had been trying on that day, I hated every single one,” she said, revealing why she was tardy. “And I just felt horrible y’all, I felt really horrible. But I can’t believe to this day that I went with him for his Sweet Sixteen. He said it was a movie. And I remember he was trying to get cute in the limo, y’all. And I was like, ‘Who is you talking to boy?!'”

“But yes, I had a great time, and he was so fun and funny,” Nicki Minaj said. “And very cute, too. I wonder who was his girlfriend at that time ’cause I know she probably was really mad. Why he ain’t take her for his Sweet Sixteen? That’s a memorable time.” Minaj closed her story by reflecting on hating her feet and being mad that she had to wear open-toed shoes. Justin Combs’ sweet sixteen party was broadcast on MTV.

It is unclear where Diddy and Nicki Minaj’s relationship currently is, especially after her back-and-forth with his girlfriend Yung Miami back in May. The Queen artist took issue with the City Girls member using her phrase on an episode of Caresha Please and called her out on Twitter, dragging Puff Daddy into the situation in the process.

“*Hits @Diddy to advise him that a young lady on a show that appears on his network seems to have ‘borrowed’ a very popular #QueenRadio catch phrase,*” Nicki tweeted. “Puff, who representing u these days chile? I got my sh*t drafted in my HEAD B!CH @YungMiami305 talkin bout u got into some thangssss. Um chile, anyways, so…”

Yung Miami replied, “Nicki @NICKIMINAJ what’s really the problem??? cause I definitely didn’t get that from you LOL ‘let’s get into some thing Chile’ actually is a gay slang Lmaooooo.” Diddy did not have anything to say in their back-and-forth.

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