Nicki Minaj Files Charges Against Alleged Swatter: “A Warrant Is In The System”

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Nicki Minaj has now taken legal action against a swatter, as she’s announced that a warrant for their arrest is in the system. In July, authorities responded to a 911 call claiming that someone had been shot at Minaj’s residence. Soon after, L.A. police swarmed her San Fernando Valley home, ultimately for no reason.

Now, Minaj has allegedly found the troll who she publicly named as “Stephanie Bell.” She took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday (Aug. 23) to put the swatter on blast and unveil their identity. Minaj’s action comes days after Cardi B announced that she’d be suing a troll who used A.I. to insinuate that Offset is cheating on her.

“Stephanie Bell,” she wrote. “A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful. The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS. To God be the glory.”

Taken lightly, some X users began trolling as they tried to find the alleged identified perpetrator. Others supported Minaj in her quest for bringing the swatter down.

“Hope this will teach the rest to not play with you and your family,” one user wrote. “Idc which stephanie bell it is, she knows who she is and she can’t outrun what’s coming to her. Nicki will ALWAYS get the last laugh and that’s just that on that,” said another.

Before last month’s swatting, Minaj was trolled again in June. Police showed up to her home for false claims of child abuse. The culprit even went as far as contacting child services. Reportedly, law enforcement was mandated to speak with Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, and inspect their son. It was determined that there was no evidence of abuse happening.

Additionally, a fake petition went up online in the same month claiming that neighbors wanted her and her husband booted from their L.A. neighborhood. More than 900 people signed it. The petition was created on explaining fake outrage from neighbors about Kenneth Petty filing to legally change his address to Minaj’s.

However, the petition was found to be the work of a troll who allegedly is affiliated with Cardi B’s “Bardi Gang.” It’s creator, Beverly Bardan, was found to not be listed as a resident of the exclusive neighborhood, according to the Hidden Hills Community Association. The fake surname “Bardan” also led observers to believe a fan of Cardi’s may have had something to do with it.

A 2022 tweet from an alleged “Bardi Gang” fan threatened to turn Minaj’s neighborhood against her family. The “anti-Nicki Minaj” account tweeted, “I printed these flyers warning the residents of Hidden Hills that sex offender Kenneth Petty will be moving in. I DO plan on mailing them out. It has a QR code for a petition to keep Nicki Minaj AWAY from her CO-OWNED Hidden Hills house!” See it above.

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