Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate Talk Adam Scott's Cocky Blind Man in New Comedy 'Brother'

Understandably, most movies are going to paint a sympathetic portrayal of characters with disabilities. The hilarious new indie comedy My Blind Brother has no such compunction when it comes to Adam Scott’s visually impaired Robbie.

He’s an egocentric meathead who forces his brother, Bill (Nick Kroll), to train him for endurance-testing feats of strength like a marathon and a long swim across a lake. Robby does them for charity, but he seems far more motivated by the “fame” it brings him from local media coverage in their sleepy Ohio town.

“He’s a bit of a cocky fellow,” admitted Kroll (The Kroll Show) to Yahoo Movies at the recent Los Angeles press day for Brother, where he was joined by costar Jenny Slate (who plays Rose, the grieving woman they both fall for). “But that’s what was exciting about the movie. Here’s a character who in most films would be this heroic guy who everyone looks up to, and what a journey he goes on. But really he’s a cocky prick, and selfish.”

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Scott (best known for Parks and Recreation, which also featured guest spots from Kroll and Slate) was conspicuously absent at the press junket, giving his costars free rein to roast the hell out of him.

“Adam’s a sensitive little baby boy,” Kroll said, to which Slate (Obvious Child) added, “He’s a little boo-boo.”

“So if we didn’t get him his nap, or we didn’t get him his formula,” Kroll continued, he would throw a crying fit.

Asked why Scott wasn’t there to promote the film — and what he could be hiding — Kroll shot back: “He’s a hiding a doodie in his diaper.”

My Blind Brother opens in theaters and on video-on-demand Friday. Watch the trailer: