Nick Khan: We Hope Pat McAfee Does More With WWE, The World Is His Oyster

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Nick Khan confirms that Pat McAfee will not be a part of the WrestleMania 39 festivities, but the door for his return, whenever that may be, will remain open.

After taking a step away from WWE to take on a new role with ESPN’s College GameDay, Pat McAfee made his grand return to the company at the 2023 Royal Rumble. Following his brief stint on commentary, though, McAfee disappeared from WWE programming once again. During his time away, McAfee admitted he had some concerns about his future in the company, specifically regarding rumors of an impending sale.

Despite the uncertainty, many wrestling fans held onto the hope that McAfee would once again return, but as of now, there appear to be no imminent plans for him to do so. During an appearance on The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan confirmed that former SmackDown commentator would not be factored into this week’s WrestleMania agenda. However, Khan still holds high regard for the McAfee and aims to continue their working relationship.

“The world is his oyster,” Khan said. “He’s 36 years old. Look at his relevancy factor when you talk to young children. I have two young children. When I talk to them, it’s often, ‘McAfee, McAfee, McAfee.’ That’s what’s in the wheelhouse for them. If you look at any of the traditional buyers, what do they want? They want a young, diverse audience. What does McAfee bring? Brings a young, diverse audience.”

“You notice he doesn’t get political extreme either way. He has Aaron Rodgers on, he treats him respectfully, develops that relationship, it becomes the go-to home for Aaron Rodgers. You see that with more athletes and Pat. He’s not looking to annihilate anybody or crucify them. He’s looking to have good content and his content has been terrific. So, he’ll determine, ultimately, where he wants his home to be. Our hope is that he does more with us.”

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