Nick Cordero’s Wife Visits Him in the Hospital and Gives Update on His Blood Pressure

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Ashley Boucher
·3 min read
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Nick Cordero's recovery continues.

The actor, 41, has been at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for weeks as he recovers from complications from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, shared an update on his condition two days after she asked for prayers that "Nick's blood pressure gets better."

"Do you guys want to know some good news, and the power of prayer?" Kloots shared Friday on her Instagram Stories. "Yesterday, Nick's blood pressure in the morning, his medicine was at 32 mcg, now it's at 3."

Kloots, who shares son Elvis, who turned 1 earlier this month, with Cordero, paid him a visit on Friday.

"Guess where I'm heading!!!" Kloots wrote on her Instagram Stories atop a screen shot of her ICU visitation confirmation. She then shared a photo of her visitor's badge to the hospital along with a GIF that read "Hallelujah."

amanda kloots/instagram Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots' son Elvis

amanda kloots/instagram Amanda Kloots' Instagram

amanda kloots/instagram Amanda Kloots' Instagram

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Sharing a photo of the outside of the hospital, the fitness instructor wrote, "Everyday."

On Thursday, Kloots shared that Cordero has "lost 65 lbs." while in the ICU and that "he's so weak that he still can't move and his muscles are definitely atrophying."

"This is really hard because what Nick has lost is muscle. His muscles are just atrophied," she said during a Q&A on her Instagram Stories. "You can't really gain your muscle back until you can move, so they have him on some high protein and high calorie food, but he's gotta move."

While Cordero woke up from his medically induced coma in early May, he is still unable to speak "because of the ventilator," Kloots said, adding, "he can't move because he's so weak, but he is awake and he's in there. He can answer yes or no questions with his eyes."

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Kloots said on Thursday that the goal was to get Cordero's blood pressure "under control," as it had been "all over the place" this week.

With her update on Friday, it seems they are on the right track to achieve that goal.

On Friday, Kloots shared a photo from the hospital holding her husband's hand.

She captioned the post with lyrics from "Don’t Give Up On Me" by Andy Grammer, which include the words, "I will fight, I will fight for you, I always do until my heart, Is black and blue."