Nick Carter and Timbaland Show ‘Boy Band’ Contestants What’s Up

On the series premiere of Boy Band, 30 talented young male vocalists competed for 18 spots in the competition to become members of a new boy band. Hosted by singer and actress Rita Ora, the show is also led by a group of “architects,” consisting of Grammy Award-winning record producer Timbaland, Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who will help guide the contestants throughout the season.

The show kicked off with all 30 contestants performing individually for the architects and, while each of them clearly had talent, some stuck out more than others. Like 14-year-old J Hype, who impressed the judges with his killer beatboxing talent. Carter asked Timbaland, “Do you want to teach him a little something?” Timbaland got up onstage to test the contestant’s skills. What unfolded was an epic duo that brought everyone to their feet.

Nick Carter Shows Off Backstreet Boys Moves

Later in the show, Carter, who was impressed by many of the boys’ vocals, wanted to see if the singers also had the dance skills necessary to make it. He selected a few contestants to join him onstage and taught them a routine to the hit Backstreet Boys song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

After watching the boys nail the routine, Carter started playing with Timbaland because he wanted to see his moves as well. “I want to see your moves. I know you got moves, I saw the old Missy Elliott videos,” said Carter. So Timbaland took the stage once again to show everybody how it’s done and, of course, he finished it off with the coolest dance move today: the dab.

Boy Band airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Watch clips and full episodes of Boy Band for free on Yahoo View.

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