Nick Carter Drops Bombshell Witness Claiming Sexual Assault Didn’t Happen


As the legal battle between Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman wages on, a witness has come forward who claims to have been present during the time of the alleged sexual assault and disputes Schuman’s allegations.

Although both parties have acknowledged that the man in question, Tony Bass, was present during the encounter, he hadn’t publicly stepped forward to share his side of the story until a new court filing that tells his story in detail.

Man Claims That Nick Carter Never Sexually Assaulted Melissa Schuman In 2003

Nick Carter Sued For Sexual Assault -- Accused Of Drugging, Giving STD To A Woman


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According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tony Bass states that he was only a few feet away from Nick Carter and Melissa Schumann on the night in question. The incident happened almost two decades ago, in 2003, but Bass is still able to recount the event in clear detail as he describes what went on.

According to Bass, the group all met on the set of a movie. The group of four included Nick, Melissa, Tony, and their mutual friend, Rachel. After one day of filming, the group decided to go back to Nick’s apartment to listen to some music and have a good time.

“As the night grew late and we got tired, we decided to go to Nick’s bedroom,” Bass wrote in the court documents, explaining that they went to Nick’s bedroom because he had music equipment in his room and wanted to play some new music for the group of four. Nick and Melissa sat on the bed as the group sat around and listened to music.

He said that he and a mutual friend of Nick, Rachel, were lying on the floor, just feet away. “I recall hearing Melissa and Nick Nick kissing, whispering, giggling, and otherwise being playful with one another,” he wrote. “I remember all of us lying down together and ultimately falling asleep in the bedroom.”

Bombshell Witness Claims That He Never Saw Nick 'Act Inappropriately Towards Melissa'

Nick Carter Sued For Sexual Assault -- Accused Of Drugging, Giving STD To A Woman

In her own declaration, Rachel said that she “believes” that she left the bedroom and fell asleep on the couch in another room. However, Bass states that he does not recall Rachel ever leaving the room to sleep on the couch.

After he woke up, Bass states that the group of four had all left the apartment at the same time. “Melissa testifies that Nick was not in the apartment when she left in the morning. I am certain that this is false as Nick never left strangers, which would certainly include two women he had just befriended, by themselves in his apartment,” Bass wrote in the filing.

“I recall leaving the apartment and walking to the parking garage with Nick, Rachel, and Melissa. There was nothing awkward or uncomfortable between the group as we said goodbye,” he added, going on to say that “At no point in time throughout the night did I ever observe Nick act inappropriately towards Melissa or Melissa be anything but flirtatiously engaged with Nick.”

New Witness Says That Melissa Was 'Totally Comfortable' With Nick Carter

Nick Carter Sued For Sexual Assault -- Accused Of Drugging, Giving STD To A Woman

“Melissa seemed happy and totally comfortable throughout the night. This carried over to the next day when we walked to the parking garage,” he added. “I recall all four of us laughing and having a blast the entire night.”

The recent motion that has been filed is in opposition to Melissa Schuman’s anti-SLAPP motion in Nick Carter’s counterclaim against Schuman and her father, Jerome.

A judge recently ruled in favor of Nick Carter in the anti-SLAPP motion filed by Shannon Ruth, saying that Carter was allowed to continue his counterclaim against Ruth based on the evidence he presented for the anti-SLAPP hearing and Ruth’s failure to provide enough evidence to support the anti-SLAPP motion.