Nick Cannon Says His Ex Kim Kardashian Wishes She ‘Look Like Beyoncé’ Following Controversy About the Singer’s Lighter Complexion

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Nick Cannon shot down any comparisons between Beyoncé and his ex Kim Kardashian after the singing icon went viral for her recent pictures from the premiere of her concert film.

Queen Bey’s film “Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce” premiered on Nov. 25 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills. While celebrities came out in droves to support the movie, nobody caught more eyes than Beyoncé herself.

Nick Cannon says that Kim Kardashian tries to look like Beyoncé.
Nick Cannon says that Kim Kardashian tries to look like Beyoncé. (Photo: @nickcannon @beyonce @kimkardashian/Instagram)

The mega superstar wore a silver Versace dress with platinum blond hair. Most fans online praised her “Renaissance-themed” look, while others pointed out that the star’s complexion was lighter than usual. Beyoncé was accused of skin bleaching, and trying to look like a white woman, with some even saying that she was imitating the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Cannon dated in the early 2000s.

The topic came up on his Twitch talk show “The Daily Cannon,” which the mogul hosts, along with comedian Courtney Bee, Mason “Mason on the Mic” Moussette, and Abby De La Rosa, the mother of three of Cannon’s 11 living children.

After Moussette introduced the online discourse, Bee said, “I know they tried it ‘cause who the f—k look like Kim Kardashian. They tried it.” Cannon chimed in, saying, “Kim Kardashian wanna look like Beyoncé!”

After seeing the picture, Bee suggested that it was just the lighting that made Bey’s skin tone look different, but Cannon said the “Cuff It” singer has looked the same since she was 16. “Kim Kardashian wish she looked like that,” added Cannon.

Moussette, who is white, said that if she were to see the picture from far away she may think that it was the Skims creator. Bee immediately jumped in, saying, “That’s the white people saying all Black people look the same.”

De la Rosa said that the picture just looks like “Beyoncé doing Beyoncé,” while Cannon joked that “The white people in the room disagree.”

Dozens of fans agreed with Cannon, Bee, and De la Rosa’s discussion and theory that Kardashian wanted to look more like Beyoncé. One fan said, “Nick speaking facts… the black woman had always been the blueprint for the Kardashians.”

Another said, “Now y’all know dam well Kim paid for those black features! Don’t say Beyoncé look like Kim, that chick look like a BW if anything first! Don’t play on Beyoncé’s good internet sis.”

On the other hand, a few critics called out the radio hosts for dragging Kardashian into the discourse when she never said Beyoncé was trying to look like her.

One said, “SMH I know ppl dislike Kim … but why drag her down and lift up another woman? Playing on her top like she’s not a BEAUTIFUL woman.”

In response to the negative commentary about her complexion, Beyoncé slyly responded to the bleaching allegations in one of her recent Instagram posts. The “Break My Soul” singer posted a carousel where she ditched the silver for an all-white outfit.

A close-up of the singer’s face was featured in the photo collage, which fans took as a direct response to her remarks about her wanting to look like a white woman.