Nick Cannon Reveals the Real Message Behind His New Song for Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon Reveals the Real Message Behind His New Song for Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon knows getting back with Mariah Carey would only be a sweet, sweet fantasy.

On his eponymous talk show, the Wild N' Out host cleared up the speculation about his new single "Alone," which many believed to be a tribute to his ex-wife.

"I dropped a song on Valentine's Day for all of the people out there who are alone on Valentine's Day," he said on Feb. 16. "I did a song called ‘Alone' and it sampled one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs, ‘Love Takes Time.' So, I think people put the two and two together. They tried to say—everybody saying that this was my song to try to get Mariah back."

Though Nick said winning back the "We Belong Together" singer, who is also the mother to his 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, was "impossible," he disclosed that the music was a therapeutic way for him to acknowledge his wrongs in their relationship.

Nick Cannon Begs For Ex Mariah Carey's Love In New Song "Alone"

"I had probably the greatest situation with my dream girl and I messed it up," the Masked Singer host added, as the audience clapped. "To be honest and vulnerable, I understand why you're clapping, so the song was not really about trying to get her back. It was taking ownership of what I did as a man and owning my flaws and expressing it through song."

The 41-year-old told the audience that he tried to use that "Kanye West energy" to reunite with his ex-wife, but that clearly did not have an effect on Mariah.

Soon after his song was released and made headlines, the "Obsessed" vocalist gave fans a sneak peek into how she spent her Valentine's Day by posting a photo of herself cuddling with Bryan Tanaka, her boyfriend of more than five years.

Nick acknowledged that his vision of love is unrealistic, but he believes it all made him a better person. "But that's what love is about, right?" he said on his talk show. "To be able to get another show, to be honest, to be better human beings. As I said, we don't just go through it, we grow through it."