Nick Cannon’s Brother Admits He Has To “Google” All Of His Nieces And Nephews

Nick Cannon’s brother, Gabriel Cannon, revealed he doesn’t remember all of his nieces and nephews. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gabriel opened up about being Nick’s younger brother after winning the reality TV show Claim to Fame. The ABC show follows 12 celebrity siblings moving in together under one roof. The relatives must conceal their identities and family ties during the show to win $100,000.

Cannon disclosed that his strategy for the competition was to pretend he was related to a football player due to his stature. He then weighed in on his relationship with his older brother’s army of kids.

“My strategy going in pretending I was related to an athlete was mainly because of my stature,” Gabriel said. “Like I said in one of the earlier episodes, I was happy this time that I didn’t look like Nick. Trying to get in the club, it’s a little hard.”

“I haven’t met [his children], but did y’all see what happened with him? He messed up [naming] all his kids, so I’m not even gonna attempt. I’m just uncle. It’s easy.”

Cannon’s callback referred to Nick failing to list his daughter Onyx Ice when asked to name all his kids on The Howard Stern Show. When asked whether or not he has a note to help him remember the Wild ‘N Out creator’s 12 children, Gabriel said, “That or Google. They’re all on the internet.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Gabriel Cannon talked about possibly getting into the industry. The music artist expressed that he studied his older brother for years. Cannon also revealed that he was previously signed to Def Jam with the help of Nick.

“I would love to. Like I said, I had a front-row seat to the entertainment industry just watching Nick. I was a guy shooting behind the scenes for him, when he pulled up on set, I gotta get it with a camera, when he leaves, I gotta get him pulling off, and, you know, always had a backpack full of my own scripts and ideas. But it was always about big bro and helping build windows in his castle. For the last few years I’ve been in the community working.”

“Before that, I was signed to Def Jam in a group called Rydaz n Rtist. It’s supposed to be like writers and artist, and we went on tour with Mariah Carey. We’ve had an amazing experience,” he added. “I couldn’t pay that experience. So yeah, I’m picking the music back up.”

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