NHL Star Drew Doughty’s Wife Files For Divorce After 5 Years Of Marriage

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Los Angeles Kings star Drew Doughty's wife has pulled the plug on their relationship after only 5 years of marriage.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Nicole Arruda filed for dissolution of marriage citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split.

In the filing, Arruda claims the couple split on September 1, 2023, after tying the knot on August 8, 2018. Interestingly, the famous couple has reportedly been together since high school and share three children together.

Drew Doughty's Wife Asks For Joint Custody Of Kids In Divorce


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NHL Star Drew Doughty's Wife Files For Divorce After 5 Years Of Marriage

Doughty is one of the best defensemen playing in the National Hockey League. The LA Kings recapped his 2023 season by saying, "Doughty is the team’s number-one defenseman, playing in that spot again this season. As will be shown below, Doughty’s season was strong as he produced offensively to the tune of some of the strongest numbers of his NHL career, on top of the solid defensive metrics we’ve come to expect."

Arruda asks the court to order joint custody of the couple's three children. But, she wants Drew to pay her spousal and child support. Also, she wants a judge to remove its ability to give him any type of support.

As for the money, Doughty's wife admits the former couple has a prenuptial agreement, but sounds like she might be challenging it. The divorce filing states, "Determination of the validity of the Prenuptial Agreement dated August 2, 2018, and/or that any provisions are unconscionable." In other words, parts of it might be challenged.

It should be noted, that Drew Doughty signed an $88 Million contract extension with the Los Angeles Kings on July 1, 2018.

NHL Star Drew Doughty's Wife Files For Divorce After 5 Years Of Marriage

In California, the amount of child support is based on the couple's monthly income. If Drew is the primary breadwinner, he will be required to pay a percentage of his salary to his ex-wife. Of course, in his case, it is a very large amount of support.

The Doughty family shares several properties and will most likely have to split them up in some way. It's unclear if Drew will get to keep the money or property he earned before they were married (via the prenuptial agreement) -- or if they will split it up. Nicole only states it will be "proofed at time of trial," in the divorce filing.

Drew Doughty met his ex-wife Nicole during their high school years at John Paul II. Many years after the couple started dating, Doughty proposed to his high school sweetheart in 2017. The couple hosted a lavish wedding in 2018, that was featured in wedding magazines. The ceremony was planned by the famous wedding planner Ashley Piggot.

Doughty is an Olympic gold medalist with the Canadian National Team at Sochi 2014 and Vancouver 2010. He won two Stanley Cups with the Los Angeles Kings.

Again, the exact reason for this couple's split is unclear, besides the standard legal terminology.

Drew has yet to respond.