The Next Queens of K-Pop: TWICE Drops 'Addictive' English-Language Single 'The Feels'

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K-Pop group TWICE is putting us in "The Feels!"

On Friday, the girl group — comprising Momo, Mina, Tzuyu, Sana, Dahyun, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Nayeon and Jeongyeon — released their glittery, retro prom-themed music video for the earworm pop track.

"The song is about the feelings that you get when you have love, and when you fall in love at first sight," rapper Chaeyoung tells PEOPLE. "It's very addictive."

While boasting nearly 7.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify thanks to their all-Korean tracks, "The Feels" marks the group's first all-English single.

"I know love it is such a funny thing/A mystery allure/Gotta get to know you more," the group sings. "'Cause I, I can feel a real connection/A supernatural attraction-ah/I got the feels for you yea yea yea yea."

At the end of its music video, the group teased their fans (known collectively as ONCE) with several celebrations on the way: In October, their six-year anniversary, a third full album in November, followed by a "4th tour" which "is coming."


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While "The Feels" is their first English song, they recorded a pop, Korean-laced cover of Jackson 5's 1969 hit "I Want You Back" in 2018.

"The song was included in a soundtrack for a Japanese film," says Naeyon of the J5 cover. "We changed it a little bit to have more of a modern, feel to it and more relaxed and comfortable field to it."

Although the song certainly predates all of the group's members, Dahun said she and her groupmates were familiar with the classic tune: "We used [the song] a lot when we were trainees."

As TWICE enjoys their success — especially after dropping album Perfect World this year — the members say it's still surreal to be noticed in public.


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"I think when a lot of women people recognize me on the street [...] when I go abroad, when [...] fans recognize us and say 'hi' to us," says Mina. "That's when I realized: we've kind of made it."

Now, with their first English track out, the group is thinking up which American artists they'd want to collab with in the future.

Though answers "will depend for each member," Sana says she would love to collaborate with Camila Cabello.

"She's amazing," she says.

"The Feels" is out now.