Yahoo Names Adweek, Vets to Top Editor Jobs

Yahoo has promoted Adweek and Politico vet Hillary Frey to editor-in-chief of news and vet Aaron Task to editor-in-chief of finance, the company announced Wednesday.

Frey, who joined Yahoo News as its managing editor last year, will be responsible for expanding and promoting content, developing new franchises and recruiting new talent.

Task will have the same duties at Yahoo Finance, and continue to host "The Daily Ticker." He will also work with CNBC on its recent partnership with Yahoo. Yahoo News, the top online news site, reaches more than 81 million unique visitors a month, while Yahoo Finance, the top financial news source online, has 36.7 million. Frey was previously the managing editor of Adweek, and previously edited political media and society coverage at Politico. She was also the culture and media editor of the New York Observer, and has also served as the managing editor of Lingua Franca and books editor at The Nation and Salon.

Prior to joining Yahoo in 2008, Task was editor-at-large at, where his 10 years included a stint as San Francisco bureau chief. He is the co-author of "Bailout Nation."

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