Who is Rupert Sanders? Five things to know about the director who came between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Twi-hards around the globe are digesting the news that their favorite real-life (and reel-life) couple -- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson -- are going through some personal drama. Following Us Weekly's cover story featuring caught-in-the-act photos of  Stewart kissing her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, both Stewart and Sanders have issued public apologies for their indiscretions. In a statement to People, Stewart said she was "deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused" and noted that it "jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry"; Sanders described himself as "utterly distraught about the pain" he caused his "beautiful wife and heavenly children," and said he is "praying" that they can get through it together.

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So who is the man who allegedly came between Robsten? Here are a few things to know about the moviemaker:

He's British. Like Pattinson, Sanders grew up in London. His mother ran a dollhouse shop, and his father was a neuro-ophthalmic surgeon. Sanders later relocated to Los Angeles for work. "I actually love California," he told the Guardian. "It's like living in the countryside, but the center of the film industry is 30 minutes away."

He's twice Stewart's age. There is a four-year age difference between Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, who have been dating since they met on the set of "Twilight" in 2009. At 41, Sanders is nearly twice the actress's age. Stewart talked to the Swedish magazine Om about what she looks for in a man. "I like men who make me laugh, but who can protect me and take care of me. Security is important to me," she said. "I really want to be with someone who I can trust in all situations."

"Snow White and the Huntsman" was his first feature film. Sanders' fairy-tale flick starring Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron was his first movie. Before that, he made commercials for major companies, including Nike, Xbox, and Guinness. How did he transition to film? Joe Roth, who produced "SWATH," asked him to make a trailer for the film that he would make if he landed the directing role. Roth clearly liked what he saw. Sanders later talked about working with Stewart, telling PopSugar, "She's tenacious and rebellious and really kind of raw and primal. She was kind of a wild horse -- [and I was] trying to rein her down. She has that kind of modernity that I wanted for Snow White. She's not sitting waiting for the prince to come." Sanders has called his directing style "a very collaborative process." He told the Guardian, "I want everyone to be friends. I create more of an independent spirit so people could get on and have fun together." And fun they had! The wrap party for the movie lasted until 9 p.m. the following day, and after the film's London premiere, the cast partied until 5 a.m.

He's married. For the past seven years, Sanders has been married to model Liberty Ross, who — get this — played Stewart's mother in "SWATH." They have two children , Skyla and Tennyson, who were extras in the film. Sanders and Ross, who is the younger sister of his best friend, met when she was 17. "We were at a party one night, and this beautiful girl walked in the room," Sanders told the Guardian. "I just knew I was going to marry her. It took a while. I didn't propose to her for seven years because I felt that she was too young and she'd resent me if she hadn't lived. But it was good because I was off making commercials and she was modeling, so we had quite a free — not sexually free, we weren't swinging or having other relationships … I hope! — but we both lived very independent lives, then we'd meet up. It kept the fire burning. She's been very supportive and she's been a strong single mother for the last year-and-a-half, because I haven't been around." Just hours before Us Weekly's story broke on Tuesday, Ross posted cryptic tweets, including this one from Marilyn Monroe, who had experience with cheating scandals: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." Soon after, Ross deleted her account.

He and Stewart are both attached to the "SWATH" sequel. According to Deadline, a sequel is already in the works, and E! reports that Sanders and Stewart are both attached to the project. Meanwhile, regardless of their relationship status, Stewart and Pattinson will be spending a lot of time together in the coming months promoting "Breaking Dawn--Part 2," which will be in theaters November 16.

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