Watercooler: The Best Revenge

Emily VanCamp | Photo Credits: Carol Kaelson/ABC
Emily VanCamp | Photo Credits: Carol Kaelson/ABC

"This is not a story of forgiveness."

But it is a story of fabulousness.

Last night, ABC unleashed its Revenge and this season's dishiest drama is already serving up the hotness. Glamorous, gorgeous and soapy as sin, this thing has all the makings of a must-see escapist thrill.

By casting Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, an evil genius out to reign down some serious hellfire on Hamptons high-society for her father's wrongful imprisonment and death, the producers (including Mike Kelley, who knows soap from Swingtown and The O.C.) have an immediate hook. How could this angel-face be bad? Child, please. By the end of the first episode, Miss Don't Mess With Me had poisoned a dude, exposed an affair and won over the son of a rich bitch who orchestrated daddy's downfall in the first place. Goodbye Brothers & Sisters, hello backs and stabbing.

And can we talk about said shrew at the center of Emily's wrath? Madeleine Stowe is ferocious! With her hard-eyed stares and dead-soul demeanor, there's no one meaner on TV. Seeing her Victoria Grayson go stilettoed toe-to-toe with VanCamp's crafty interloper is gonna be one guilty pleasure we refuse to feel bad about loving.

Did you get a taste for Revenge last night? Juicy or just "meh"?

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