Watch Jimmy Fallon's 'Game of Desks': Who Shall Rule Rockefell?

Comedy is coming.

Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new parody on Friday's "Late Night," and this time, the host took on one of the most buzzed-about shows on television: "Game of Thrones."

Since taking over "Late Night," Fallon has made his mark with sharp, funny show parodies, from "Downton Sixbey" to "The Jersey Floor."

[Photo: Is That a Ghost or Jimmy Fallon?]

The "Game of Desks" sketch started out with a take on the iconic opening credits, with a raven's-eyed view of a three-dimensional map depicting "Rockefell," "Studio 6B," and Fallon's Iron Desk.

Sporting a half-grown beard and furs, a Ned Stark-esque Fallon meted out justice to a writer who written "exceptionably bad" jokes. Then he learned from Steve Higgins's bald advisor (calling to mind spymaster Varys) that "an enemy has laid claim to the Iron Desk. Sweeps are coming."

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Later, Fallon donned a platinum blonde wig to portray the Khaleesi who was ready to conquer the world with her fiery peacocks.

Meanwhile, the Roots stood guard in the Hall as part of the Late Night Watch when they hear a sound "beyond the Hall." "The true 'Late Night heir' is approaching," Questlove whispered.

Watch the video above to see who that is, plus what Jay Leno was up to over in Westercoast.