Watch Christopher Walken Sing and Dance in New 'Peter Pan' Previews

Peter Pan Live! will air on Dec. 4, and NBC is releasing featurettes and previews to get fans excited for the musical event.

In the latest behind-the-scenes clip, Allison Williams talks about how she's the "luckiest boy-girl in the world" for getting cast as Peter Pan. She also raves about her co-star Christopher Walken, who plays Hook.

"He is so deeply cool, even when he's not doing anything he's better at acting than I've ever been," says Williams. "Even when he's just sitting around, he's funnier than I've ever been."

In the new clips, we get to see even more footage of Williams flying and singing, as well as Walken singing and dancing with his pirates and talking about his "cute" hook hand. Watch the preview below as well as a recent promo for the musical show.

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