Watch 'Anna Nicole' Lifetime Movie Teaser: 'Remember My Name'

Watch 'Anna Nicole' Lifetime Movie Teaser: 'Remember My Name'

Much like another famous beautiful blonde, Anna Nicole Smith was a small-town girl who thirsted for the spotlight, for notoriety, and for the adulation of men. And much like Marilyn Monroe, Smith's star burned out tragically early.

A new teaser for Lifetime's biopic "Anna Nicole," which premieres on June 29, shows the buxom blonde beauty making love to the camera, downing Champagne, popping pills, and facing paparazzi.

Actress Agnes Bruckner's eerie resemblance to Smith, first seen in images last week, was the product of a major transformation. Bruckner dyed her hair and wore prosthetic breasts to look like the Playboy pinup.

"The breasts took three hours to apply," she tells TV Guide. "It was unbelievable how they turned out. I could dance in them, and they even survived a swim in the pool."

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"Anna Nicole" traces the starlet’s life from her small-town Texas roots to landing on the cover of Playboy magazine. It examines her tumultuous relationships with men, including her marriage to octogenarian oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall (played by Oscar winner Martin Landau) and subsequent legal battle over inheritances with his sons. The movie also shows Smith as a mom to son Danny, who died of a drug overdose just mere months before her own death by the same cause.

It is too fitting that the words to the song "Fame” — "Remember my name. I'm gonna live forever" — play over the haunting images of Smith in the teaser. Fame was the reason Vicky Lynn Hogan changed her name and appearance; and the bright spotlight ended up being her downfall.

"I'm gonna make it to Heaven, baby remember my name."

"Anna Nicole" will air Saturday, 6/29 on Lifetime.