‘Vogue’ Bans Super Skinny & Underage Models From Its Magazine

‘Vogue’ Bans Super Skinny & Underage Models From Its Magazine
‘Vogue’ Bans Super Skinny & Underage Models From Its Magazine

In an effort to promote a healthier image, the fashion mag has vowed to stop using too-skinny and underage models in its pages — and we think it’s fantastic that the high-fashion publication is paving the way and promoting a healthy image!

19 Vogue editors from around the world have made up their minds: Skinny is out and healthy is in! In a new project to promote a healthier and more realistic body image, the fashion mag has decided to ban super-skinny models with eating disorders and those under the age of 16 from its future issues – we hope that this healthy approach continues to spread throughout the fashion industry!

The pledge, known as The Health Initiative, not only means that the magazine will stop hiring underweight and underage models, but they promise to stick to their commitment by having casting directors ID every model and also check for any signs of an eating disorder.

Young girls face many pressures in the modeling industry — and we’re so happy that the mag is going to look out for their well-being! Not only are we happy for the girls involved, but the message it will send to the masses will do wonders while promoting a healthy image.

After seeing stick-thin models appearing in magazines for years, we’re so glad that Vogue is encouraging women with a new healthier image! Do you agree?

– Jennifer Velez

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