VIDEO: Is The Force Strong With VW's New Super Bowl Ad?

Volkswagen | Photo Credits: Volkswagen
Volkswagen | Photo Credits: Volkswagen

The day has arrived. VW's much hyped Super Bowl commercial has been released, and as "The Bark Side" teaser ad promised, it involves dogs and Star Wars.

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Check out the preview of "The Dog Strikes Back," which the New York Times' Media Coder blog reports runs 1 minute and 16 seconds, while the actual game day commercial will only run for 1 minute.

Although it's great to see the Cantina aliens, hear that iconic music and see the nod to last year's "The Force" commercial, that entire Star Wars section just feels tacked on, not really part of the dog and Beetle story. Is VW stretching the homage here?

The ad will play during Sunday's Super Bowl, airing live at 6/5c on NBC.

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