Unique Challenges Facing Syfy's 'Booster Gold'

Syfy has commenced the process of bringing the DC comic book character Booster Gold to TV screens across America. The show, "Booster Gold," is going to face a series of uphill battles that the creators and Syfy are going to have to overcome. These are the most significant issues facing the show.

Third-String Character

When people think about DC Comics, they think about Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. At best, Booster Gold would be considered as a third-string superhero. The character is not going to have as strong of a base following as the higher level characters. When "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" came out, the creators at Marvel were able to market to the substantial number of life-long fans of the Avengers. It should be noted that Booster Gold originally appeared in 1986. In terms of comic book characters, he is still fairly new to the scene when compared to characters that have been developed for a five or more generations.

Name Recognition

Booster Gold does not hold the name recognition of the other superheroes. The name recognition is what would open non-comic book fans up to the show. The new version of "The Incredible Hulk," for example, would have an easier time gaining a market because of the fact that most people have heard of Ol' Greenie and have some idea of what the character is about.

Super Powers?

Booster Gold does not actually have any super powers. He is an athlete from the future who uses advanced technology to make himself appear to be superhuman. When compared against the characters from "The Avengers," viewers could easily discount Booster Gold as minor and insignificant. Outside of his athleticism, and his gadgets, he does not have anything that separates him from anyone else. He does not have the leadership skills of Captain America, the brainpower of Tony Stark, or the Gifts of the Gods like Thor.


Many of the upcoming superhero shows are going to be on major networks. "Punisher" is going to be on Fox while "The Incredible Hulk" and "AKA Jessica Jones" are going to be on ABC. Any show coming out on basic cable is going to have an uphill battle because of lower viewership. With Syfy's escalating push of reality shows in the last few years, fans might disconnect from new titles on the channel and assume they are reality offerings. "Booster Gold" might evoke thoughts of a new singing competition or another "Gold and Silver Exchange" pawn shop show.

While all shows have uphill battles when they first come out, "Booster Gold" will have to deal with specific types of hurdles. Hopefully, for the future of comic book-based shows, Syfy will be able to figure out a way to work around these issues and deliver a strong program. And hopefully the creators can work with a character that already has some negatives against him and deliver a successful series.

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