Ty Burrell: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Ty Burrell: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

You may know him as Phil Dunphy on ABC's hit show Modern Family, but starting March 7, you can also hear Ty Burrell lend his voice to a genius dog in Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Below, the 46-year-old actor shares 25 little-known things about himself with Us Weekly.

1. I love to cook.

2. I'm not great at it.

3. My wife, Holly, is an amazing cook, so everything around what I make tastes great.

4. My hearing is awful.

5. I fancied myself an athlete when I was young, until I actually got around athletes.

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6. I drive a '65 VW Beetle.

7. I have the strength of 10 very large women.

8. I once spent a summer camping in Alaska and working at a local fishery.

9. I also spent a summer being an absolutely terrified forest firefighter.

10. I used to be 6 feet tall.

11. I love my job.

12. I'm terrible at math.

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13. I'm also known as Joaquin Phoenix. Maybe you've seen me in some stuff.

14. I went to the University of Oregon long enough to get a master's degree and didn't even earn a bachelor's degree.

15. I would never shave if I didn't have to.

16. I'm a horrible multitasker, so I email everything in bunches at the end of the week (including this list).

17. I'm a huge sports fan.

18. I enjoy fly-fishing.

19. I'm a terrible fly-fisherman.

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20. My grandmother started several homes for abused women.

21. My mother used to drag race competitively.

22. I grew up in Oregon, right near the Applegate River.

23. And I passed the bulk of my childhood in a small rural town. There were about 200 people.

24. My two daughters love to jump on me like a trampoline, and it hurts.

25. I love it when my daughters jump on me.

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