Twivo? Tech-Smart Teen Creates Program to Save You From TV Spoilers on Twitter

Love Twitter but dread signing in on Monday mornings for fear that you'll find out exactly who did what to whom on that new episode of "Game of Thrones" that you haven't had the chance to watch yet?

Jennie Lamere feels your pain, which is why the supertalented 17-year-old New Hampshire high school senior created Twivo, a program you can set to censor your Twitter feed from mentions of certain TV shows for any length of time. So no more choosing between seeing what the Biebs is up to and avoiding the list of "Walking Dead" characters who just became zombie chow.

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Lamere won a national coding competition last month, reports, with Twivo, but her accomplishment is even more impressive than it initially sounds. She was the only female who presented a project in the competition.

She also beat out professional developers at the hackathon contest, after coming up with the idea for Twivo the night before the April 27 event. It took her 10 hours and 150 lines of code to finalize the program, Mother Jones reports, for which she won iPad minis and an Apple TV.

See Lamere demo Twivo at the TVnext Hack event (at the 3:24 mark):

Lamere, who's headed to the Rochester Institute of Technology next fall to major in software engineering, plans to release Twivo in the next few weeks, and tech company Furious Minds has approached her to help get the program to spoiler-hating fans.

The TV show whose spoilers Lamere uses Twivo to avoid, by the way: "Dance Moms."