THR Reviews 'Scream 4,' 'Conspirator,' 'Rio'

Seven movies open this weekend, including the 3D animated Rio, Scream 4, Robert Redford's The Conspirator and four in limited release. Find out how they're expected to perform at the weekend box office.

Bottom Line: Exotic eye candy and infectious beats make for a fun animated frolic.
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Scream 4
Bottom Line: It's more of the same bloody thing, but there's life yet in Ghostface, as the series is resurrected after 11 years.
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The Conspirator
Bottom Line: Once the dry dust of history gets whisked away, Redford's film feels like a television movie.
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Bottom Line: Janus Metz's gripping documentary, named for a base in Afghanistan where soldiers from Denmark are fighting the Taliban, already has created controversy in his homeland.
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The Double Hour
Bottom Line: Giuseppe Capatondi's debut feature is a smart psychological thriller with the one fatal flaw that Slavic women in Italian television and cinema must be dark, tormented characters who hardly ever smile.
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The Princess of Montpensier
Bottom Line: With this film, Bertrand Tavernier pokes a real hole in costumed romance. Everything feels all too real here.
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The Screaming Man
Bottom Line: A simple tale of the love between a father and a son, and the way political, social and economic pressures threaten that love, the film provides a welcome wake-up call about what's going on in the rest of the world.
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