Super Bowl ads: The best and worst

Check out our picks for the best and worst big commercials from the big game; then take our poll below and tell us, which ad wins as this year's most memorable Super Bowl commercial?


Ad Most Likely to Make You Cry

Oprah's voiceover plus a tribute to our nation's deployed military men and women and the families who await them at home? Damn you, Oprah. You and Jeep got us all teary.

Ad Most Likely to Make You Want to Visit a Farmer's Market

RAM Truck's ode to American farmers, via a powerful essay read by radio legend Paul Harvey and gorgeous photos, was moving and incredibly effective: It made us want to buy a bushel of something fresh at a farmer's market while driving home in a RAM Truck and listening to a John Cougar Mellencamp CD.

You've Gotta See This Ad About a Man and His Horse

Beer commercials have historically been among the Super Bowl's best, but this year, just one really made an impression: Budweiser's sweet little clip about a trainer whose Clydesdale remembers him years after they've parted ways. If Oprah and Jeep hadn't already stolen the show with their military-themed ad, this would have been the most touching clip of the night.

Coolest Ad Once You Click on the URL

Lots of Super Bowl ads included website addresses and Twitter links, but CBS's ad for the summer 2013 Stephen King/Steven Spielberg miniseries "Under the Dome" -- in which a town in Maine is under a dome -- directed viewers to a website ( that asks you to enter your home address and zip code. Once you do … trust us, it's cooler if you're surprised.

The Best Pairing of Meatloaf and Chocolate

Red M&M would do anything for the love of "Glee" star Naya Rivera, including giving her a pedi, letting her put a toupee on his bald red head, and singing a tortured Meatloaf song to her … but he won't do this: hang out in a piñata, let her cover him in whipped cream, or let her bake him on a giant cookie. He also experiences some pain when she and her friends start to nosh on him, but decides he kinda likes it.

Best Entry in the Carpe Diem Super Bowl Commercial Genre

He didn't have a date, but when his dad lent him the keys to his new Audi, a tuxedoed teen sped off to his school, planted a serious kiss on the prom queen in the middle of the dance … and promptly got his clock cleaned by the prom king. But the look on his shiner-covered face as he sped off in the Audi said just one thing: it was totally worth it.

Ad That Gave Us the 1,347th Reason to Love Amy Poehler

Who else could make using the word "dongle" and trying to get a Best Buy employee to read "50 Shades of Grey" to her uncreepily sexy and funny?

An Adorable Little Girl Who's All That and a Bag of Doritos

Ah, the power of an adorable little girl to wrap her daddy and his tough guy friends around her little finger … and to wrap her complete trunk of dress-up princess clothes around them.

Got The Rock?

What's a hero to do: save the world from an alien attack, or make sure his kids have milk for their morning cereal? The Rock managed both, but he definitely had his priorities straight in an ad for the California Milk Processor Board (y'know, the "Got Milk?" people).

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Ad That Made Us Not Want to Hang Out With the People In It

The clips for Budweiser's Black Crown beer touted the ale as "our kind of beer," while groups of hipster doofuses clad all in black toasted each other. We'll paraphrase Groucho Marx here and say we wouldn't want to be a part of any club full of black-clad hipster doofuses that would have us.


The How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away? Ad

We totally respect Psy's decision to get another payday out of "Gangnam Style," but didn't he promise he was retiring the song for 2013? Dude, we're officially expecting you to keep your word on that now.


The Worst Ad Where the Nerd Gets the Girl

Supermodel Bar Refaeli and frequent TV guest nerd Jesse Heiman took more than five dozen takes to nail that cringe-worthy lip-lock commercial for Go Daddy, and the original cut of the clip was so steamy CBS opted for the one we saw. Think Heiman would have done the ad for free?

The Yeah, So What, a Goat Will Eat Anything Ad

Loved the Doritos princess ad. But the one where the guy buys a goat that eats him out of house and Doritos? That's not really saying much, Doritos. We once witnessed a goat eat a baby diaper. A used baby diaper. So … yeah.

The Liz Lemon Memorial "What the What?" Ad

Hey, Bud Light, sure, one of Stevie Wonder's greatest hits is "Superstitious." But it is on that thin premise that you dress him up in a creepy suit and hat and have him cackling like a loon while superstitious sports fans offer him beer in exchange for voodoo curses? And yes, we know neither Tina Fey nor her "30 Rock" character had anything to do with this commercial or the Super Bowl and no reason to be connected to this is any way. Kinda our point.

The Liz Lemon Memorial "What the What?" Ad, Silver Medalist

"That's the power of German engineering," said the voiceover in Volkswagen's ad that featured a bunch of white dudes speaking in Jamaican accents. The debate continues on various social media websites about whether or not the ad is racist. But whatever your opinion on that front, we still have to ask: what does German engineering have to do with Jamaican accents anyway?