What the Spock?! Fringe's Emmy Snubs Are 'Ridiculous,' Says Leonard Nimoy

Academy voters might want to go to bed with the lights on tonight, for fear of getting a Vulcan death grip in their sleep.

In the wake of Fringe getting snubbed wholesale by this year’s Emmy Award nominations — never mind the lack of John Noble love, there’s not even a techy nod to be found — sometime guest star/forever sci-fi icon Leonard Nimoy has let his feelings on the matter be known.

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“No Emmy nomination for Fringe. Ridiculous,” Nimoy opined via Twitter the afternoon after nominations were announced. “So much talent. So much hard work. So much imagination.”

Nimoy, however, says that fans of Fringe and such fare “shouldn’t be so surprised,” seeing as “Emmy has given short shrift to Star Trek” and its many small-screen incarnations “for 46 years.”

“Amazing,” he added in conclusion, his disapproving, damning tone quite palpable across the Twitterverse.

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Nimoy has appeared or been heard on Fringe on at least 10 different occasions, as the nefarious William Bell. He most recently guest-starred in Season 4′s final two episodes, and given the storyline for the Fox drama’s set-in-the-future fifth and final season — in which Belly, lore has it, played a critical role — it would seem logical that he makes at least one final encore.

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